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Understanding Relational Databases OfferNo 1234 1234 4321 4321 StdSSN 123-45-6789 234-56-7890 123-45-6789 124-56-7890 EnrGrade 3.3 3.5 3.5 3.2
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The linkage specifier allows you to determine how a function is linked.
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0, 100 kHz 1000 MHz, usually 100 MHz 1 kHz 1-2-5 steps 200 Hz, typical counter accuracy 5 2 dB over frequency range, atness 1 watt (damage level) typical, 68.8 dBmV minimum signal level CATV signal 10
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of MDX would allow the developer to set targets such as a fixed 10% growth over the previous year and filter based on any combination of dimensions and measures. There is also a Change Source button located at the bottom of the dialog. This allows businesses to maintain target values in something other than the cube holding the values for Actual. For example, the Target Values might be in a separate cube or even an Excel spreadsheet while the Actuals are pulled from a sales cube. This can simplify the creation of a scorecard and its KPIs by permitting the forecasting to be performed and then stored somewhere other than the Analysis Services cube. The final column is labeled Calculation and describes how the score for this KPI should roll up if this KPI is an objective; in other words, if it has child KPIs. Clicking the link in this column brings up the Calculation dialog and presents the developer with a number of choices. These include Default, which uses the normalized weighted average score of all child KPIs. Another choice is the average
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Your mission here is to attach the new electrical motor to the remaining mechanical drivetrain. The clutch-to-flywheel interface is your contact point. Figure 10-8 gives you an overview of your task in generalized form. Figure 10-9 shows you a great motor compartment designed by Paul Little at When you flip it over and place it in the undercarriage, you will see how snug the motor fits later in this chapter. Four elements are involved: The critical distance flywheel-to-clutch interface Rear support for the electric motor Front support-motor-to-transmission adapter plate Flywheel-to-motor-shaft connection via the hub or coupling We ll cover what s involved in each of these four areas in sequence. Understand that this discussion has to be generalized because there are at least a dozen good
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An event can be triggered by using the device name. To do this, the command follows this convention:
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Remove U/S Deposits Due to Meander
Appendix A
Direct Palette Choosing this option offers two colors (From and To) and maps the colors found in your objects evenly between the brightness values of colors found directly between these two around the color wheel. Forward Rainbow This option has the same effect as Direct Palette, but in this case, each of the object colors is mapped to all colors between your two chosen colors in a clockwise rotation. For example, if you choose red as the From color and green as the To color, instead of a blend between these two colors throughout your illustration, distinct areas of red, orange, yellow, and green are mapped with equal emphasis to the underlying design. Blue and purple are not included in the Color
Digital Voltmeter
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ATM Layer Testing ATM Layer Testing 281
Digital Photography QuickSteps Stepping into Digital Photography PC QuickSteps Getting to Know Your PC
Designing and Building the Smart Home LAN
The ActiveX viewer uses ActiveX controls and requires Internet Explorer as the browser. If you use this as your viewer, you must ensure your browser security settings allow ActiveX controls to run. In addition to the standard viewing capabilities, this viewer also allows you to hover over a column and then freeze the panes for scrolling. The DHTML viewer is a zero-footprint viewer; no controls are downloaded. The Advanced DHTML option is supported in more recent browser versions and provides slightly more functionality than the basic DHTML viewer. Advanced DHTML includes an advanced Search panel that lets you interactively specify the search criteria, conditions, and results while viewing a Crystal Report. The Java viewer requires that your browser use a Java Virtual Machine, similar to the Web Intelligence Java Report panel, and download a Java applet. If you set the default viewer to DHTML, you also must specify how to print the Crystal Report, either by first converting to Adobe Acrobat or PDF format or by using the ActiveX printing control. The ActiveX printing is faster but, again, requires the correct browser security settings to allow the ActiveX control. Printing via Acrobat Reader requires that you have Acrobat Reader installed and is slower, as the report must first be converted to PDF. When using the DHTML viewer, also set the resolution to either 96 dots per inch or 120. For wide reports, choose 96 to ensure the report fits within your browser screen. This setting has no effect if you are using the Java or ActiveX viewer.
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