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Fig. Q-1 Plot of i(t) = 10e 2t (2 cos 5t + 5 sin 5t).
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Since C/C++ has a rich set of control structures and allows additional control using break and continue, there is little need for goto. Most programmers chief concern about the goto is its tendency to render programs unreadable. Although the goto statement fell out of favor some years ago, it occasionally has its uses. This book will not judge its validity as a form of program control. While there are no programming situations that require goto, it is a convenience, which, if used wisely, can be a benefit in a narrow set of programming situations, such as jumping out of a set of deeply nested loops. The goto is not used in this book outside of this section. The goto statement requires a label for operation. (A label is a valid identifier followed by a colon.) Furthermore, the label must be in the same function as the goto that uses it you cannot jump between functions. For example, a loop from 1 to 100 could be written using a goto and a label as shown here:
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true when you first turn on your routers and they are initially building the adjacency and topology tables.
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An Introduction to Synchronous Signals and Networks 316 Wide Area Networks
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Controlling the Order of Things
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try { val = p.Add(q); // this will lead to an exception } catch (NullReferenceException) { Console.WriteLine("NullReferenceException!"); Console.WriteLine("fixing...\n"); // Now, fix it. q = new X(9); val = p.Add(q); } Console.WriteLine("val is {0}", val); } }
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The average is 5.6 These values are less than the average: 1 2 4 3
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Media Gateway Control and the Softswitch Architecture
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Frequency Synthesizer Design
Experience the power of prayer. Prayer and meditation are not the same. In
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IOS Device Management
Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
The IList interface declares the behavior of a non-generic collection that allows elements to be accessed via a zero-based index. It inherits ICollection and IEnumerable. In addition to the methods defined by ICollection and IEnumerable, IList defines several of its own. These are summarized in Table 24-2. Several of these methods imply the modification of a collection. If the collection is read-only or of fixed size, then these methods will throw a NotSupportedException. Objects are added to an IList collection by calling Add( ). Notice that Add( ) takes an argument of type object. Since object is a base class for all types, any type of object can be stored in a non-generic collection. This includes the value types, because boxing and unboxing will automatically take place. You can remove an element using Remove( ) or RemoveAt( ). Remove( ) removes the specified object. RemoveAt( ) removes the object at a specified index. To empty the collection, call Clear( ).
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