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In this case, T must be replaced by a type argument that inherits MyClass, implements IMyInterface, and has a parameterless constructor. When using two or more type parameters, you can specify a constraint for each parameter by using a separate where clause. For example,
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NOTE In prior appliance versions, instead of remote-access, you had ipsec-ra and webvpn-ra, where these two VPN types were represented by different groups. In version 8, these are no longer supported (they ve been deprecated): both types are represented by the remoteaccess type.
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public static WebRequest Create(Uri uri)
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All preprocessor directives begin with a # sign. In addition, each preprocessor directive must be on its own line. Given C# s modern, object-oriented architecture, there is not as much need for the preprocessor directives as there is in older languages. Nevertheless, they can be of value from time to time, especially for conditional compilation. Each directive is examined in turn.
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// Use multiple where clauses. using System; // TwoWheres has two type arguments and both have a where clause. class TwoWheres<T, V> where T : class Two where clauses. One for where V : struct { T and one for V. T ob1; V ob2; public TwoWheres(T t, V v) { ob1 = t; ob2 = v; } } class TwoWheresDemo { static void Main() { // This is OK because string is a class and int is a value type. TwoWheres<string, int> obj = new TwoWheres<string, int>("test", 11); // The following is wrong because bool is not a reference type. TwoWheres<bool, int> obj2 = new TwoWheres<bool, int>(true, 11); } }
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2.4G 622M 52M 155M STM-0 STM-1 STM-4c STM-16c STS-1 STS-3c STS-12c STS-48c
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Minimum Focal Length (Wide Angle): Maximum Focal Length (Telephoto): Macro Mode: Minimum Focus Distance: Exposure Settings:
Findthederivativeof y = e X
CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
Advanced Thinking about Income Producer Commission Rates
Figure 1-1
Decreased due to dilution increases
Password Manager comes in two editions: Advanced and Enterprise. Each edition offers user, security, and administration features. Tables 10-1, 10-2, and 10-3 summarize each of the different features, respectively.
1 Negative exponents mean reciprocal, or one over: Krn -. = am
To dynamically acquire the date and time from an external NTP server, you ll need to configure your appliance to use the NTP protocol. This is accomplished using the following commands:
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