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You can put other operators ( , >, <, < , > ) in the place of the <> sign in the condition. If we want the choices to show text, we have to enclose those messages in double quotes: IF(A1>10, Sell , Hold )
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Inheritance, Virtual Functions, and Polymorphism
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Case Studies
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Figure 7.7 showed what happens when a person contacts a hot (live) wire or equipment case while standing on a grounded conductive surface. The body serves as a parallel return conductor to ground. But who would ever grasp a hot wire Figure 7.8, top, shows that it is not always necessary to touch a hot wire directly to receive a potentially lethal shock. The hot (black) and neutral (white) wires of the motor cord are intended to be isolated from each other and from the metal case. Unfortunately, through chafe or overheating of its insulation, the hot wire has shorted to the motor case. Operation of the motor may be unaffected, but when you contact the case, the result is the same as touching the hot wire directly. Figure 7.8, bottom, shows the solution: the green grounding wire, connected to the white neutral wire
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T3 Default Topology
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AuthenticationSchemes HttpRequestHeader NetworkAccess WebExceptionStatus DecompressionMethods HttpResponseHeader SecurityProtocolType FtpStatusCode HttpStatusCode TransportType
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Figure 6.14b PDU type definition screen using TTCN.
// Use Wait() and Pulse() to create a ticking clock. using System; using System.Threading; class TickTock { object lockOn = new object(); public void Tick(bool running) { lock(lockOn) { if(!running) { // stop the clock Monitor.Pulse(lockOn); // notify any waiting threads return; } Console.Write("Tick "); Monitor.Pulse(lockOn); // let Tock() run Monitor.Wait(lockOn); // wait for Tock() to complete } } public void Tock(bool running) { lock(lockOn) { if(!running) { // stop the clock Monitor.Pulse(lockOn); // notify any waiting threads return; } Console.WriteLine("Tock"); Monitor.Pulse(lockOn); // let Tick() run Monitor.Wait(lockOn); // wait for Tick() to complete } } } class MyThread { public Thread Thrd; TickTock ttOb; // Construct a new thread. public MyThread(string name, TickTock tt) { Thrd = new Thread(this.Run); ttOb = tt; Thrd.Name = name; Thrd.Start(); } // Begin execution of new thread. void Run() {
Written December 1998, updated March 2008. Clarifies Standard S6, Performance of Audit Work, Standard S5, Planning, Standard S3, Professional Ethics and Standards, Standard S7, Reporting, and Standard S14, Audit Evidence. Provides details on the use of CAATs, whose use is increasing. In some information systems, CAATs provide the majority of available evidence. This guideline provides direction on the reliability of CAAT-based evidence, automated and customized test scripts, software tracing and mapping, expert systems, and continuous monitoring.
Figure 10-4
Meet customer demand Potential to capture customer by delivering new services quickly Long term profitability Continued Innovation and standardization of Ethernet
Mini Reading Light 10 Watts
Pay mix and leverage together provide the range of pay opportunities based on sales performance.
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Understand Shutter Speeds
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