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Level of Security Restriction
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Introducing Classes and Objects
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n this chapter you will learn about the statements that control a program s flow of execution. There are three specific categories of program control statements: selection statements, which include the if and the switch; iteration statements, which include the for, while, and do-while loops; and jump statements, which include break, continue, return, and goto. (However, a discussion of the return statement is deferred until later in this book.) This chapter begins with a thorough examination of the if and for statements, to which you have already had a brief introduction in 2. It then discusses the other program control statements.
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Installing and Running the Boson NetSim LE and BEE
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The latest revision of the DOCSIS standard, DOCSIS 3.0, also provided a number of enhancements, most notably
Cisco ASA Configuration
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Circular data buffer
calculated value from step 7. Record the new voltage and current readings in Data Table 1. 9. Repeat step 8 three more times. 10. Repeat steps 4 through 9 for each of the other filters: 435.6 nm, 546.1 nm, 577.0 nm, and 690.7 nm.
As stated, the purpose of the power transmission is to reduce the speed of the motor to some usable speed for the robot and to transmit the power to the wheels. The speed of a robot is a function of the rotational speed of the wheels and the diameter of the wheels. Equation 1 shows this relationship, where v is the velocity of the robot, D is the diameter of the driven wheels, and N is the rotational speed of the wheel. So, to determine the required rotational speed of the wheel, Equation 1 is solved for N, which is shown in Equation 2.
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