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Same IP Address, Different Port Numbers
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The use of solder in marine connections is controversial. Some experienced electricians feel that soldered connections are the most secure and best at eliminating terminal corrosion. Others point out that the solder in an overheated terminal may melt and allow the conductor to pull out of the terminal. A further problem is wicking of solder into the stranded conductor, resulting in a rigid portion that is liable to break like a solid conductor. The ABYC states that solder should not be the sole means of mechanical connection in any circuit; the only exception is battery lugs with a solder-contact length of not less than 1.5 times the conductor diameter.
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17 Client-Server Processing, Parallel Database Processing, and Distributed Databases 605
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Wingwall normal to abutment: No separate scour study needs to be carried out. Riprap or armoring needs to be provided for a return length of the maximum of width of scour hole 2 width of abutment at base (300mm d cot ), where d is design scour depth at abutment and is the angle of natural repose for the soil, obtained from geotechnical report.
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Threes want to be valued for who they are rather than just for what they do; however, because they try to create a positive image and share only what they achieve, no one really knows the person behind the persona.
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premastering process, and new hardware and software drivers became capable of reading and writing all of the existing data formats. The current generation of CD-R equipment ts this description in a number of ways. Software applications designed for use with CD-R equipment typically treat recorders as just one more drive in your system. You can transfer les to a recorder in the same way as you would copy a set of les to your hard disk drive. Multi-session write compatibility is necessary to accomplish this feat, but the software removes most of the intricacies of the transfer process and hides the differences inherent in the compact disc medium from your attention. In contrast, DVD equipment is still maturing. Authoring tools, hardware interfaces, software drivers, and the standards themselves are being hammered on by a diverse army of forces intent on shaping the technology to suit their own individual ends. As with recordable CD, the recordable forms of DVD will eventually emerge from this evolutionary storm in more stable form. For the near term, the technology is primarily useful when you have control over the playback equipment (eliminating compatibility concerns), such as inhouse archiving and testing of DVD-ROM titles, DVD-Video projects, and DVD-Audio mastering. Drag-and-drop le transfer may be suitable for storage and archiving, but if your goal is to create high-performance CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs that integrate a variety of multimedia assets, or to ensure that users on different computer platforms will be able to gain the maximum bene t from a cross-platform presentation, the task becomes more demanding. Knowledge of le formats, understanding how to squeeze every spark of performance from the medium during playback, cross-platform challenges and solutions, all become paramount to the task of completing a polished and universally usable title on optical media. Business users of optical recording technologies face many of the same issues with which commercial developers must deal, although business users also encounter other issues and dif culties as well, as covered in later chapters. Someday the recording and development process may be so completely seamless that anyone can create any kind of project, aided by software that makes it virtually impossible to create bad discs, but until that day those who understand the nuances of CD-R and DVD equipment and formats will have a de nite advantage in the eld.
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There are two ways in which you can obtain I/O status information. First, you can call the rdstate( ) function, which is a member of ios. It has this prototype: iostate rdstate( ); It returns the current status of the error flags. As you can probably guess from looking at the preceding list of flags, rdstate( ) returns goodbit when no error has occurred. Otherwise, an error flag is returned. The other way you can determine if an error has occurred is by using one or more of these ios member functions: bool bad( ); bool eof( ); bool fail( ); bool good( ); The eof( ) function was discussed earlier. The bad( ) function returns true if badbit is set. The fail( ) function returns true if failbit is set. The good( ) function returns true if there are no errors. Otherwise, they return false. Once an error has occurred, it may need to be cleared before your program continues. To do this, use the ios member function clear( ), whose prototype is shown here: void clear(iostate flags = ios::goodbit); If flags is goodbit (as it is by default), all error flags are cleared. Otherwise, set flags to the settings you desire. Before moving on, you might want to experiment with these status-reporting functions by adding extended error-checking to the preceding file examples.
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Disconnect Power to Your Phones
Goal Identi cation: What to Ask Sevens Although Sevens like the idea of generating coaching goals, they may resist adhering to them. For example, they may create many more goals than are realistic to achieve in the time available, or they may agree to certain goals but then try to change them throughout the coaching process. They do this for three reasons: (1) Sevens often have many ideas about what to accomplish and are reluctant to give any of them up; (2) a commitment to a specific goal can feel like a limitation on the Seven s freedom; and (3) changing goals frequently means that Sevens cannot be easily held accountable for specific results. In addition to being aware of these tendencies in Seven learners, developers can ask questions about the Seven s goals in a way that excites them and makes them more likely to make commitments and to keep them. Here are three ways to help Seven learners define clear coaching goals (use only one of the three questions; otherwise, Sevens will become more unfocused):
When implementing SSIDs, the AP and client must use the same SSID value to authenticate. By default, the access point broadcasts the SSID value, advertising its presence, basically allowing anyone access to the AP. Originally, to prevent rogue devices from accessing the AP, the administrator would turn off the SSID broadcast function on the AP, commonly called SSID cloaking. To allow a client to learn the SSID value of the AP, the client would send a null string value in the SSID field of the 802.11 frame and the AP would respond; of course, this defeats the security measure since through this query process, a rogue device could repeat the same process and learn the SSID value. Therefore, the APs were commonly configured to filter traffic based on MAC addresses. The administrator would configure a list of MAC addresses in a security table on the AP, listing those devices allowed access; however, the problem with this solution is that MAC addresses can be seen in clear-text in the If broadcast beaconing airwaves. A rogue device can easily sniff the is disabled on the AP, the client will airwaves, see the valid MAC addresses, and manually have to con gure the SSID to change its MAC address to match one of the match that of the AP. valid ones. This is called MAC address spoofing.
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Understanding Argument Numbers
Indeterminate Forms
host IP_addr
11.4.3 Combinations of Springs If combinations of springs are connected by elements that are assumed to be massless, the combination can be replaced with a single spring of equivalent stiffness and free length. The need for this often arises as a result of model reduction where a mass has been assumed to be zero (as with the suspension in Fig. 11.3c). There are two possible ways to connect springs, known as parallel and series connections. Springs in Parallel. Two springs connected in parallel, as shown in Fig. 11.14a, can be replaced by the single spring in Fig. 11.14b to simplify modeling. The spring constant for the equivalent spring can be found by realizing that two springs in parallel are constrained to have the same de ection. Thus, if the two springs de ect by a distance d in response to an applied force F, the rst spring will produce a force
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#include <stdio.h> #include <sys\stat.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main(void) { FILE *fp; struct stat buff; if((fp=fopen("test", "rb"))==NULL) { printf("Cannot open file.\n"); exit(1); } /* fill the stat structure */ fstat(fileno(fp), &buff); printf("Size of the file is: %ld\n", buff.st_size); fclose(fp); return 0; }
additional network bandwidth needed for IP signaling (such as MEGACO) and Operation, Administration & Maintenance (OA&M) purposes. The bandwidth required for a single call depends on the following factors:
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