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4.9.7 Shear Stress Distribution
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Mbps (E1) level was discussed earlier, and especially the value of CRC block error detection (and E-bits) for estimating errored seconds. The E1 level is the basic building block of the switched telecom network, and also is the most commonly used rate for digital leased lines in private enterprise networks. The CRC-4 error-detection process checks all the payload bits, whether they are PCM voice channels, compressed voice encoding, video, or data. The Far End Block Error (E-bit) allows complete analysis of both transmission directions from a single, nonintrusive monitoring point (Figure 7.33). As discussed earlier, this in-service error detection process does not indicate bit error ratio (BER) unless one assumes a certain error distribution (random or burst) to predict the average errors per block. Rather, it provides a block error measurement. This is very useful for estimating percentage errored seconds (%ES), which usually is considered the best indication of quality for data transmission itself a block transmission process. CRC-4 error-checking is very reliable; at least 94 percent of errored blocks are detected even under high BER conditions, according to ITU-T Recommendation G.706. The E1 test set must be able to decode a CRC-4 frame and analyze and store the measurement results. These are divided into Anomaly Events (AE) such as frame or
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Fiber Services (MFS), which is now part of Worldcom Communications. Today there are literally over 100 CLECs providing a bypass of the local telephone company; however, because it is expensive to provide connectivity to a building, the primary focus is on installing a fiber loop that provides connectivity to office buildings that may have hundreds to thousands of workers. While the derogatory term cherry picking is used to infer that the bypass provides access only to larger customers in terms of billing, it also explains why bypass bypasses smaller buildings and homes where the cost of providing service would be higher than any expected profit from providing the service. Unlike the local telephone company that must provide universal service, there is no such requirement for bypass operators. Thus, they are free to select large revenue sources and bypass the small consumer, which explains why FTTH including fiber being routed into office buildings and apartment buildings is not expected to significantly increase its penetration rate before the year 2006 or so.
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Shifting Paradigms to Living a More Abundant Life
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Arrays and Strings
double floor(double num) long double floorl(long double num)
Part II:
A Better Universe
The Modulation Techniques Used
Growing polypeptide chain
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