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Wireless Essentials
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Actual Physical Harm; Physical Invasiveness Part of the urban legend surrounding biometrics holds that retinal scanning shoots a laser beam into the eye. This is not the case, but urban legends die hard. Anecdotally, certain aviators, who are extremely proud of their 20/20 vision, supposedly had a hard time accepting retinal scanning devices in an experimental program because at least some of them feared the devices would adversely affect their perfect vision. Other users feared that diseases, such as conjunctivitis, may result from having to come into close proximity with a binocular-like device that strangers had touched. Some users of biometrics have complained that hand geometry systems dry their hands. Such fears, even when unfounded, can negatively affect the system because dissatisfied users will go out of their way not to cooperate with the system; some may even actively engage in acts of sabotage to prevent its use. Documented cases of biometrics causing actual harm to a person are difficult, if not impossible, to find, but many of the technologies are fairly new. And to date, no enterprising plaintiff s attorney has brought a class-action lawsuit for personal injury on this biometrics-induced harm basis. The bottom line is that any liability resulting from any proven actual physical harm caused by biometric systems would be addressed by the individual state s tort liability regimes. On a related note, eventually, the judiciary will also have the opportunity to decide the admissibility of biometric identification as scientific evidence using the prevailing standards articulated by the Supreme Court in Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals in 1993.
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[ROW/COL] is an optional input parameter. The RunningSum function can be applied across either rows or columns. The [reset_dimension_variables] are optional input parameters. Providing a dimension_variable or a list of dimension_variables tells the RunningSum function to reset the sum back to 0 whenever the dimension_variable(s) change values. Examples:
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When they penetrate areas of diffuse pigmentation, reticular-like structures are formed that are referred to as the pseudonetwork Monomorphous appendageal openings can often be seen on the skin of the face without any pigmentation They should not be confused with the milia-like cysts seen in seborrheic keratosis It is not always possible to make the differentiation Consequences could be misdiagnosing lentigo maligna for a seborrheic keratosis This criterion can also be seen with nonmelanocytic lesions (ie, solar lentigo, seborrheic keratosis) It is not 100% diagnostic of a melanocytic lesion Roundish structures distinguished only by their relative sizes Dots (0.1mm) are smaller than globules (greater than 0.1mm) Black, brown, gray, or red When black, they can represent melanin or atypical melanocytes in the epidermis Regular brown dots and globules represent nests of melanocytes at the dermo-epidermal junction Irregular brown dots and globules represent nests of atypical melanocytes at the dermo-epidermal junction Fine grayish dots ( peppering ) represent free melanin and/or melanophages in the papillary dermis, which can be seen in regression areas along with other criteria or alone in benign pathology such as late stage lichen planus-like keratosis or posttraumatic Reddish globules can be seen in melanoma (neovascularization) It is written and taught that globules identify a melanocytic lesion with no mention of the smaller dots. The reality is that both dots and globules define a melanocytic lesion (Figure 1-2)
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Image-ination: Advanced Photography Techniques
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TABLE 19-4 Web Intelligence Drill Options
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You can also use the Clone tool to add elements to an image. For example, if you have a photograph of a person on grass that shows a few weeds, use the Clone tool to clone some green grass over the weeds.
int islower(int ch)
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Introduction to Telecommunications Network Measurements 98 Network Test and Measurement
Cutting Your Logo in Two
The address pointed to by the reference variable i is fixed and cannot be changed. Thus, when the statement i = k is evaluated, it is k s value that is copied into j (referenced by i), not its address. For another example, i++ does not cause i to point to a new address. Instead, k is increased by 1. You can also use an independent reference to point to a constant. For example, the following is valid.
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