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case Action.Forward: Console.WriteLine("Moving forward."); break; case Action.Reverse: Console.WriteLine("Moving backward."); break; } } } class ConveyorDemo { static void Main() { ConveyorControl c = new ConveyorControl(); c.Conveyor(ConveyorControl.Action.Start); c.Conveyor(ConveyorControl.Action.Forward); c.Conveyor(ConveyorControl.Action.Reverse); c.Conveyor(ConveyorControl.Action.Stop); } }
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The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) released the TIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standards for Data Centers standard in 2005. The standard describes various aspects of data center design, including reliability. The standard describes four levels of reliability: Tier I - Basic Reliability Power and cooling distribution are in a single path. There may or may not be a raised floor, UPS, or generator. All maintenance requires downtime. Tier II - Redundant Components Power is in a single path; there may be redundant components for cooling. Includes raised floor, UPS, and generator. Most maintenance requires downtime. Tier III - Concurrently Maintainable Includes multiple power and cooling paths, but with only one path active. Includes sufficient capacity to carry power and cooling load on one path while performing maintenance on the other path. Includes raised floor, UPS, and generator. Tier IV - Fault Tolerant Includes multiple active power and cooling distribution paths. Includes redundant components, including UPS and generator. Includes raised floor.
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Transporting Voice by Using IP
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#include <stdio.h> #include <dos.h> int main(void) { struct dosdate_t d; struct dostime_t t;
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Written July 2002, updated June 2009. Clarifies Standard S2, Independence, and Standard S3, Professional Ethics and Standards. In many organizations, IS auditors are involved in many nonaudit activities, including security strategy development, implementation of information technologies, software design, development and integration, process development, and implementing security controls. These activities provide additional knowledge and experience, which help the IS auditor better understand how security and technology support the organization. However, some of these activities may adversely affect the IS auditor s independence and objectivity.
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that will react with reducing sugars, resulting in a brick-red, brown, green, or yellow precipitate. A precipitate of any of these colors is a positive test for the presence of a reducing sugar. A solution that does not change color or that does not produce a precipitate is a negative test. 5. Place 10 mL of sucrose solution and 10 mL of starch into test tubes 5 and 6. Add 2 drops of concentrated sulfuric acid to each solution and stir to mix thoroughly. Place the test tubes into the boiling-water bath and heat for 3 minutes. The samples may be heated at the same time. 6. After the 3-minute heating period, carefully add 15 drops of 6M NaOH solution to each test tube and stir. Using a stirring rod, test a drop from each solution with red litmus paper and record your observations in Data Table 2. If a solution turns the paper blue, the solution is basic. If the paper remains red, add NaOH one drop at a time, stirring after each addition, until you determine that the solution is basic by testing it with red litmus paper. 7. When the two solutions are basic, place 5 mL of the sucrose solution into test tube 7 and 5 mL of the starch solution into test tube 8. Add 4 mL of Benedict s solution to each test tube and stir or shake until thoroughly mixed. Place each test tube in the boiling-water bath. After 5 minutes of heating, remove the test tubes and place in the test-tube rack to cool. Record your observations in Data Table 3.
Private Key Cryptosystems
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