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Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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Part II:
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9: Complications of Pregnancy
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Changing Text Case
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2. SHIFT-click the second part of the logo to add it to the selected rectangle. 3. Hold CTRL to constrain movement, and then drag the rectangle and the second part
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The Vinyl Restoration option, once the plug-in has been installed, is accessed through the DirectX menu. As you can see from the screen in Figure 11 - 4, you can use the slide bars to very precisely control the restoration settings, from the click removal amount to the frequencies affected to the noise oor. Under the Name drop down list, you can also select General Restoration. Sonic Foundry s presets do a respectable job for many different types of recordings and you may want to start with this selection and test the results. To get a sense of the sound processing at work, you can highlight a section of your audio le and then use the Preview button to listen to the restoration as performed on the selected portion of the le. Once you ve tinkered with the sliders and chosen the best settings, use the Selection button to choose All Sample Data and then click OK on the Vinyl Restoration dialog to start the process. By default, Sound Forge initially creates an Undo le, so that if you re not happy with the results, you can select Undo from the Edit menu and return to the previous le. Once you ve performed the Vinyl Restoration, you can use other Sound Forge options to further re ne and enhance the sound quality. The Noise Reduction plug-in helps remove any other stray disturbances in the audio le. You can also use equalization, normalization, or other process273
The shaded area is
nums[0] = 10;
Creating a dimension line is usually a three-step operation: your first mouse click defines one end or side of the line, the next click defines the other side or end, and the final click enables you to define the position for the dimensioning text label.
The same current that flows through the armature flows through the field in a series motor, so reversing the applied voltage polarity does not reverse the motor direction. To reverse motor direction, you have to reverse or transpose the direction of the field winding with respect to the armature. This characteristic also makes it possible to run series DC motors from AC (more on this later in the section).
No hay remedio. (It can t be helped.):
When working with overloaded constructors, it is sometimes useful for one constructor to invoke another. In C#, this is accomplished by using another form of the this keyword. The general form is shown here: constructor-name(parameter-list1) : this(parameter-list2) { // ... body of constructor, which may be empty }
Figure 7-7: The signaling link architecture
This transformation type gives you the option to change either the V and/or H measure of an object selection based on the values entered. For example, entering two inches in the Width box and clicking the Apply button causes the selected object to be scaled to a width of two inches. While the Non-proportional option is selected, the width and height values can be changed independently. While they re not selected, width and height values are linked and calculated automatically to alter the size of the object proportionally.
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