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Fig. 2-6 The three-loop circuit of Example 2-4. qr code reader
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Casts are technically operators. As an operator, a cast is unary and has the same precedence as any other unary operator. Casts can be very useful. For example, suppose you want to use an integer for loop control, yet to perform computation on it requires a fractional part, as in the following program:
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The prototype for setftime( ) is found in <io.h>. This function is not defined by the ANSI/ISO C/C++ standard. The setftime( ) function is used to set the date and time associated with a disk file. It changes the date and time of the file linked to handle using the information found in the structure pointed to by t. The ftime structure is shown here:
The output is shown here:
IP: In addition to sqrt( ), C++ supports an extensive set of mathematical library functions. For example, sin( ), cos( ), tan( ), log( ), ceil( ), and floor( ) are a few. If mathematical programming is your interest, you will want to explore the C++ math functions. Remember, they all require the header <cmath>.
Clamp Design
Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Although such a message is useful while debugging, you would not want others to see it, to say the least! This is why it is important for your program to handle exceptions itself. As mentioned earlier, the type of the exception must match the type specified in a catch. If it doesn t, the exception won t be caught. For example, the following program tries to catch an array boundary error with a catch for a DivideByZeroException (another built-in exception). When the array boundary is overrun, an IndexOutOfRangeException is generated, but it won t be caught by the catch. This results in abnormal program termination.
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