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Multiplex Section Overhead
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2: IT Governance and Risk Management
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Nuts (Las Nueces)
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using System; class MultipleIndirect { unsafe static void Main() { int x; // holds an int value int* p; // holds an int pointer int** q; // holds a pointer to an int pointer x = 10; p = &x; // put address of x into p q = &p; // put address of p into q Console.WriteLine(**q); // display the value of x } }
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To modify the Page Layout options, 1. Ensure you are not in Page Layout view. This button acts as a toggle, so if necessary, select View Page Layout from the Report toolbar to toggle back to Draft mode. 2. Then click anywhere on the margin so that a gray box appears around the entire report page (not around an individual block). 3. Select the Properties tab.
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Writing a Macro in Visual Basic for Applications
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The encryption mechanism uses a master secret named V4. V4 is one of a set of four random numbers used by the Automatic Key Recovery Service to generate a key that encrypts and decrypts the Primary Authentication Key. The V4 secret is a cryptographically strong random number that is encrypted using machine-level DPAPI and stored on the local hard drive of the machine running the Citrix Password Manager Service. Only code running on the Citrix Password Manager Service machine can decrypt V4. V4 is the only one of the four random numbers that remains static throughout the course of a deployment. If this number changes and Agent users have already registered with Automatic Key Recovery with a previous V4, their credentials are lost. If multiple instances of the Citrix Password Manager Service are installed in a deployment and load balanced using a third-party load-balancing mechanism, it is necessary to copy V4 (as well as the Data Integrity certificate and private key data) to these other machines. To facilitate this activity, a command-line tool named CtxMoveKeyRecoveryData is installed with the Citrix Password Manager Service and enables the administrator to copy the secret data from one machine to another. CtxMoveKeyRecoveryData can be found in the following location:
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Diagnostic Design and Selective Reconstruction
absval = val < 0 -val : val; // get absolute value of val
Hybrid Fiber-Coax
$0.02 per unit (cap of $2,000 per year), $1,000 per order
Final Exam
13: Generics
stated that Blu-ray player unit sales in the US had dropped 40 percent from January to February while HD DVD player unit sales dropped only 13 percent. In the next period, from February to March, Blu-ray players saw a 2 percent increase while HD DVD entered its death spiral, dropping 65 percent. Blu-ray proponents pointed out that the January to March period followed a very successful holiday season and sales were down partly because of low inventory.
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