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h2:before {color: green; counter-increment: section; content: "Section " counter(section, upper-alpha) ". ";} ol li:before {counter-increment: list-count; content: counters(item, ".", decimal; font-style: italic;} ol.thirds li {counter-increment: triples 3 list-count 1;}
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VLAN 1: Discarding VLAN 2: Forward
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For all real numbers a and b we have (a) exp(a + b) = [exp(a)] [exp(b)].
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if(SomeEvent != null) SomeEvent();
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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Please give me three positive words or phrases that most reflect what would be said about you by yourself and others after the coaching is complete.
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First Movers in the Cloud
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Setting Up Your Document Page
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Figure 17-3. Citrix Presentation Server Console Create New Policy
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Every device on your home LAN (indeed on the Internet itself) must have a unique IP address. There s no getting around this rule, because IP addressing is what ties your network together. IP addresses are 32 bits long and divided into four sections, each 8 bits long (called octets). On the Internet, IP addresses must be unique. That is, every network must have its own unique network address and all the devices within it must have their own unique device or host addresses. Within a private network like your home LAN your individual devices must still have unique IP addresses, but they need only be unique within your home. Consider the two home networks shown in Figure 2-4.
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Distance of lens from subject In CorelDRAW you might be surprised when you copy a perspective setting to a new object depending on the perspective, the object might grow or shrink in dimensions. Not to fret; this is covered later in this chapter perspective changes the apparent distance of objects. Because you re drawing on a flat plane in a CorelDRAW document, the program scales objects according to their perspective to simulate depth in a composition. Field of view There is no field of view setting in CorelDRAW s Perspective effect, but in the real world, this property affects how distorted an object looks and is related to focal length. Humans have anywhere from 140 to 180 field of view, but much of this is peripheral vision, not truly in focus, and the consensus is that we usually use about 40 normal field of view. Focal length Focal length is the distance between a lens and the imaging surface and is proportional to field of view: as one changes, so does the other. This property is the most responsible for the distorted or undistorted appearance of objects. It s generally conceded that humans have a focal length of 50 55mm. As this relates to CorelDRAW, to simulate short focal lengths (such as a camera s fish eye lens), the vanishing points for the Perspective effect are quite close to the object. As focal length increases, a telescopic effect is achieved, and the perspective of an object is lessened. For example, if you wanted to simulate a 500mm telescopic camera lens in CorelDRAW, the vanishing points for the perspective on the object would be clear off the page, probably in the parking lot somewhere!
Servers components
The Integral
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Invert<int> invDel = ReverseStr; // Error!
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