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The integral appearing in Eq. (7.69) is evaluated below. To this end, r is expressed as: r = ri + p (7.70)
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Here, name specifies the name of an executable file that will be executed or a file that is associated with an executable. When a process that you create ends, call Close( ) to free the memory associated with that process. It is shown here: public void Close( ) You can terminate a process in two ways. If the process is a Windows GUI application, then to terminate the process, call CloseMainWindow( ), shown here: public bool CloseMainWindow( ) This method sends a message to the process, instructing it to stop. It returns true if the message was received. It returns false if the application was not a GUI application, or does not have a main window. Furthermore, CloseMainWindow( ) is only a request to shut down. If the application ignores the request, the application will not be terminated. To positively terminate a process, call Kill( ), as shown here: public void Kill( ) Use Kill( ) carefully. It causes an uncontrolled termination of the process. Any unsaved data associated with the process will most likely be lost. You can wait for a process to end by calling WaitForExit( ). Its two forms are shown here: public void WaitForExit( ) public bool WaitForExit(int milliseconds) The first form waits until the process terminates. The second waits for only the specified number of milliseconds. The second form returns true if the process has terminated and false if it is still running. The following program demonstrates how to create, wait for, and close a process. It starts the standard Windows utility program WordPad.exe. It then waits for WordPad to end.
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Spanish Bridges Highway bridge Indian Bridges Bihar district bridge Japanese Bridges Prestressed concrete bridge Avato, Japan 1979 Incremental launch, when cantilevers coming from two sides were to be joined, differences in length appear. Temporary construction to correct it led to collapse of both cantilevers construction failure Scaffolding removal sequence was not well-thought-out construction failure Stability problem, sliding construction failure Bihar 1978 Construction failure Southern Spain 2005 Under construction
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contains a branch parameter. The purpose of the branch parameter is discussed later when we describe the operation of proxy servers. The From: header field indicates the address of the individual who has initiated the registration. The To: header field indicates the address of record of the user being registered and is the address that the registrar will store for that user. In other words, this is the address at which the user wants to be contactable. The From: and To: fields will be identical if a user is registering himself. The two fields need not be identical, however, which means that one individual can perform a registration on behalf of another. Note that the To: header field is not used to contain the address of the registrar. That address is indicated in the first line of the request. Note that the From: field in our example contains a tag parameter, which is a pseudorandom value generated at the sender of the request and is used for identification purposes. The Call-ID: header field is set by the originating client. All REGISTER requests for an individual client should use the same value of Call-ID. In order to avoid the possibility that different clients might choose the same Call-ID, the recommended syntax for the Call-ID is local-id@host, thereby making the Call-ID host specific. In Figure 5-8, Collins has inserted a Contact: header field that indicates that future SIP messages should be routed to sip:collins@station1 In other words, messages that are addressed to sip:Collins should be forwarded to The REGISTER request does not contain a message body, since the message is not used to describe a session of any kind. Therefore, the ContentLength: field is set to 0. The response to the REGISTER request is positive, as indicted by the 200 (OK) in the response line. Note that the content of the Via: header field is copied from request to response. The content of the CSeq: (or command sequence) header field is also copied from request to response. The CSeq: header field indicates the method used in the request and an integer number. Consecutive requests for the same Call-ID must use contiguous increasing integer numbers. Although not as critical for REGISTER requests, the use of the CSeq is very important in other requests where different requests can be issued for the same Call-ID, in which case the CSeq is used to avoid ambiguity. A response to any request must use the same value of CSeq as used in the request itself. Through the use of the Expires: header, Collins has requested that the registration be effective for 2 hours. The registrar has chosen to override this aspect of the request and has limited the duration of the request to 1 hour. A registrar can change the length of time for which a given registraDownloaded from Digital Engineering Library @ McGraw-Hill ( Copyright 2004 The McGraw-Hill Companies. All rights reserved. Any use is subject to the Terms of Use as given at the website.
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Downloaded from Digital Engineering Library @ McGraw-Hill ( Copyright 2004 The McGraw-Hill Companies. All rights reserved. Any use is subject to the Terms of Use as given at the website.
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C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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Enabling Data Compression
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where U = d1/d2 = lever arm ratio. Similarly, it can be shown that the equivalent weight or equivalent moment of inertia for rotating gears have the same relationship in which U equals the gear ratio. Therefore, any weight or moment of inertia may be referred to the follower end by the square of the lever arm or gear ratio. It may be noted that the inertia of the oscillating arm, being special, may be found by reference to any book on mechanics. 13.7.7 Application of Polynomials for Cam Curves We recall from Eq. (13.83) that the cam pro le displacement is yc = ra + kr y + cy . Differentiating with respect to q, yields for the cam, Velocity = yc + kr y + cy Acceleration = yc + kr y + cy IV . (13.86a) (13.86b)
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Orange Book
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IOS# telnet name_of_the_destination | destination_IP_address
UNIX is not needed, they are missing out. X Windows is a tremendous bandwidth hog (even compressed X Windows) and therefore is totally useless over WAN connections. Additionally, the X Windows System does not support Citrix features such as shadowing, copy and paste between windows, and most importantly, Web Interface integration with Windows and web applications. XenApp for UNIX is included in the Enterprise and Platinum editions of XenApp and cannot be purchased separately. XenApp customers receive both Windows and UNIX platforms along with Unified Licensing which means that users can now access both Windows and UNIX applications and only consume one Citrix concurrent user license. The product, which at present supports IBM AIX, Sun Solaris (SPARC and x86), and HP-UX platforms, as well as virtually any custom or commercially packaged UNIX applications, offers the same value as XenApp for Windows, but with a UNIX/Java twist: low-bandwidth, universal client access over any network connection to any UNIX or Java application.
bandwidth on both of these links.
OSPF Troubleshooting
The output from the program is shown here:
up, and you might want to click the Merge To New Document button to proof the different pages with the data entered. When it comes to merging your printed document with the Print Merge feature, you must use the Print button on the Print Merge Toolbar, not CTRL+P. Alternatively, choose File | Print Merge | Perform Merge. Doing so immediately opens the Print dialog, where you proceed with printing using your print option selections.
An often useful algorithm is reverse( ), which reverses a sequence. Its general form is template <class BiIter> void reverse(BiIter start, BiIter end); The reverse( ) algorithm reverses the order of the range specified by start and end. The following program demonstrates reverse( ).
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