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Assign a macro to a shortcut key, or put it on a toolbar as a button.
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This program will print 200, 30, and 72 on the screen. When mul( ) is called, the C++ compiler copies the value of each argument into the matching parameter. That is, in the first call to mul( ), 10 is copied into x and 20 is copied into y. In the second call, 5 is copied into x and 6 into y. In the third call, 8 is copied into x and 9 into y. If you have never worked with a language that allows parameterized functions, then the preceding process may seem a bit strange. Don t worry; as you see more examples of C++ programs, the concept of arguments, parameters, and functions will become clear.
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Talents and Skills
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T ob; // declare a variable of type T
parallel test An actual test of disaster recovery and/or business continuity response plans. The purpose of a parallel test is to evaluate the ability of personnel to follow directives in emergency response plans to actually set up the DR business processing or data processing capability. In a parallel test, personnel operate recovery systems in parallel with production systems to compare the results between the two in order to determine the actual capabilities of recovery systems. password An identifier that is created by a system manager or a user; a secret combination of letters, numbers, and other symbols that is known only to the user who uses it. password complexity The characteristics required of user account passwords. For example, a password may not contain dictionary words and must contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. password length The minimum and maximum number of characters permitted for a password that is associated with a computer account. password reset The process of changing a user account password and unlocking the user account so that the user s use of the account may resume. password reuse The act of reusing a prior password for a user account. Some information systems can prevent the use of prior passwords in case any were compromised with or without the user s knowledge. password vaulting The process of storing a password in a secure location for later use. patch management The process of identifying, analyzing, and applying patches (including security patches) to systems. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) A security standard whose objective is the protection of credit card numbers in storage, while processed, and while transmitted. The standard was developed by the Payment Card Industry, a consortium of credit card companies including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB. performance evaluation A process where an employer evaluates the performance of each employee for the purpose of promotion, salary increase, bonus, or retention.
Correction Factors for a High-Pass Filter 2 poles 1 L, 1 C Adjustment factor 1.00 0.95 0.90 0.85 0.80 0.75
Telling HomeSeer what X10 interface you re using Telling HomeSeer what X10 devices you have Setting up a web server Creating schedules
between two endpoints. Unlike many other chunks, the INIT chunk must not share an SCTP packet with any other chunk. In other words, an SCTP packet containing an INIT chunk must contain no other chunks besides the INIT chunk. The INIT chunk is further described later in this chapter. The INIT ACK chunk is used to acknowledge the initiation of an SCTP association. As is the case for the INIT chunk, the INIT ACK chunk must not share a packet with any other chunk.
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