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Frame relay is a term that arises out of the Fast Packet Concept. This concept embraces the integration of voice, video, and data, and is the conceptual framework for the high-speed digital communications that emerged in the 1990s. In this concept there are two chief ways of transferring, or relaying, information in networks: 1. Frames, as defined above. These may be of sufficient length to contain the entire user message. 2. Cells, which are of fixed length. These often require the user information to be fragmented for transfer and reassembled at the destination. The term frame relay thus refers to the passing of link-layer frames from one point to another in an information network; it is in contrast to cell relay, which refers to the transfer of fixed-length messages and is the basis for communications methods such as Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), discussed elsewhere in this book. Since frame relay usually transfers user information intact, the process of fragmentation and reassembly can be avoided. This reduces processing requirements and makes it easier for frame relay to be adapted to existing network architectures and infrastructures. The simple format of the frame relay frames also means that the overhead can be very low, resulting in a very efficient use of the available bandwidth. The simplicity and efficiency of frame relay leads to easy, inexpensive implementation, and is the key to frame relay s rapid deployment and widespread use.
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The list is given a name (st_list_name) that groups the applications. Each application that will be smart-tunneled must have a display name (app_name). Normally this is the name of the application itself, but you can call it whatever you want this might be necessary if two different versions of the application with different names exist. Next you follow it with the application path and/or filename. If you don t specify the application path, but just program.exe, that would include any file called program.exe on the user s drive space. You can be more specific and list a directory path. If there is the possibility of having more than one directory path for the application, list the application multiple times, giving it different app_names, and the different directory path and filename. Optionally you can include a hash value of the application this reduces the likelihood of another program masquerading as a valid program. To find out the hash value of an application, use the Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier (FCIV) program, which is available at Once you ve installed FCIV, place a temporary copy of the application to be hashed on a directory path that contains no spaces (for example, c:\temp\fciv.exe); then enter the following at a command-line prompt (cmd.exe):
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encapsulation type. There are two frame types: cisco and ietf; cisco is the default, but ietf is an open standard and used in a multi-vendor environment.
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just check the Text box in the list, which will select all types of text. Then click Next.
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TABLE 11.2 Component
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Media Gateway Control and the Softswitch Architecture
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Cell Header
You need to add more bene ts to persuade your readers. You need to select an organizational structure. You need to write a less intimidating close. Go ahead and revise Les s E-mail. Here s how Les revised his E-mail:
The following sections list the hardware used in the performance tests mentioned in this chapter.
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This project is in progress. Although nothing can be said for certain until the project has been completed, the scope and purpose of the project are clear, and a consensus is emerging among the participants. For one, you can expect that SPB will include a provision for computing the required spanning trees using a link state protocol such as IS-IS, instead of using the distance vector technology of the current Spanning Tree Protocols. This will eliminate the counting to infinity problem. Second, you can expect SPB to create a spanning tree for each bridge participating in the protocol. Normally, this list does not include edge bridges, only core bridges. This technique allows the bridges to forward every frame along a tree that will carry it to its destination along the least-cost path. This will require the use of VLAN IDs to identify bridges, as well as their current use for identifying VLANs. This makes the technique unsuitable for 802.1ad Q-in-Q provider bridge networks, because of the reduction in the number of available VLANs, one of which is required for each customer. However, it could be used profitably in the core of an 802.1ah MAC-in-MAC network. Optionally, SPB will be used only to construct a few spanning trees, and these will be used exactly as they are used today in MSTP. As described, this is an advantage, not a disadvantage, for provider networks. The use of link state, instead of distance vector, technology by SPB will ensure that the convergence times of the network are more predictable and the worst-case convergence time will be shorter than for the current MSTP algorithm. It is a major goal of P802.1aq to ensure that the changes to the data forwarding plane and thus the existing bridge hardware are as few and simple as possible. The details will depend on exactly what features of P802.1aq will be employed, on the specifics of each implementation, and of course, on the details of the standard as finally approved. However, you can expect that many of the capabilities of P802.1aq will be available to all existing bridges, and that many existing bridges will be able to take full advantage of P802.1aq with few, if any, hardware updates.
You can see what resources have been allocated to a context by using the show resource allocation command:
Auditing Application Controls
The C# Language
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