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this is a situation in which Crystal Reports may be a more appropriate tool, assuming it is part of your XI deployment. Crystal Reports provides access to a greater number of data sources than Desktop Intelligence.
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Calculating Round-Trip Time
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Image-ination: Advanced Photography Techniques
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A very common theme in subcellular biological function is the binding together of molecules. Sometimes the molecules are roughly equal in size and bind together to form a larger complex (quaternary structure). Each individual molecule in the complex is called a subunit. An example is hemoglobin, a large complex protein that carries oxygen from our lungs, through our blood, to the cells in our body. Hemoglobin is made up of four subunit proteins that bind together. In other cases of molecular binding, a smaller molecule binds to a larger molecule. In such cases we call the smaller molecule a ligand. A ligand is a smaller molecule or atom that binds to a larger molecule. The smaller molecule may be integral to the biological purpose of the larger molecule, or it may simply serve to activate or deactivate the larger molecule in carrying out its purpose. When hemoglobin carries oxygen from the lungs to all of the cells in our body, oxygen molecules bind to the hemoglobin in the lungs. Later, the oxygen is released from the hemoglobin, so it can be used inside our body s cells. When oxygen binds to hemoglobin, the oxygen is considered a ligand. You should be aware, however, that sometimes the word ligand may be used in any case of two or more molecules binding together (not just a smaller molecule binding to a larger one). In this book we will use the term ligand to mean specifically the case where a smaller molecular (or atom) binds to a much larger molecule. We will use the more generic terms molecular binding, subunit binding, or simply binding to refer to cases where the size difference between the two molecules is not significant (see Fig. 2-2). Biophysicists studying ligand binding and other intermolecular binding seek to measure and understand
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In the case of a sinusoidal AC voltage, the peak AC voltage is simply (2)1/2, or 1.414, times the equivalent DC voltage. As shown in Figure 7.2, the peak voltage of 120 volts AC is actually 1.414 120 volts = 170 volts.
I was working the counter at the Pacific Athletic Club, getting up at 3:45 A.M. to let members in the door. At night, I would play video games. One morning, I let a member in, and found out he worked at EA Sports as a high marketing dude. Of course, I wanted to work there, but what did I have to offer I didn t know a thing about how games were made, but I was excellent at Madden. My EA Marketing guy asked me to write up a r sum , and a list of all the games I had played, and he would get it to the test manager. Sure enough he came through, delivered my r sum , and gave me the number to call to see if I could get an interview. Did I know anything about testing No, but I called every day for a month and a half till I finally got an interview to work on the NHL Hockey test team. Mortified, I went to the interview, and met with a
Multiplexing sessions are achieved through source and destination port
Introduction to Telecommunications Network Measurements 100 Network Test and Measurement
Web Properties and the Object Properties Docker
Nevus Seborrheic keratosis Basal cell carcinoma Vascular Dermatofibroma Squamous cell carcinoma Melanoma Other
Front Minus Back
Nines enjoy familiar rhythms in their lives, and routines that help them feel oriented, and they like to create processes for doing activities at work and at home. In addition, Nines like detail, because they assimilate the big picture through understanding and organizing the operational details involved in tasks and projects.
Figure 12.2 Navigation Flowchart Example
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