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AASHTO criteria of L/800 or L/1000 is generally applicable to beams that are made of composite with deck slabs using shear connectors. Modulus of elasticity of the material affects de ection. For de ection control, the response of a variety of concrete, steel, and timber beams needs to be considered such as: 1. Reinforced concrete beam. 2. Prestressed concrete I girders and box beams with normal strength. 3. Prestressed concrete I girders and box beams with HPC. Composite beams with HPC decks (fc values ranging from 4000 psi to 8000 psi are permitted by most states). 4. Prestressed concrete I girders and box beams with ultra high performance concrete. 5. Grade 50W steel beams (both rolled sections and fabricated welded sections). 6. HPS 70W steel beam (fabricated welded sections). 7. Fabricated welded sections using hybrid HPS 70W/50W and hybrid HPS 100W/70W. 8. Sawn timber beams. 9. Glue-laminated timber beams.
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TABLE 22-1 The String Comparison Methods
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The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
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A3 motorway bridge (Main River) Near Aschaffenburg Approach bridge (beam-and-slab) British Bridges Barton Bridge Cleddau Bridge Loddon Bridge Lancashire, England Milford Haven, Wales Berkshire, England Cologne-Wahn Airport
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Double-click to display Uniform Fill dialog
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For practical considerations, the selection of bridge types may be classi ed broadly as: 1. Small span (20 to 40 feet): Economical examples are reinforced concrete slab and T-beam bridges, precast prestressed cellular deck bridges, timber bridges, prestressed concrete adjacent and spread box beam bridges. Bridges with steel stringers have relatively higher life cycle costs for small spans when compared to timber or modern precast concrete bridges. 2. Medium span (over 40 to 120 feet): Economical examples are prestressed concrete adjacent and spread box beams and steel girder bridges. 3. Long span (over 120 to 240 feet): Economical examples are steel girder bridges (50W or hybrid 70W and 50W grades), steel deck and through trusses, and prestressed concrete arches. 4. Very long span (over 240 feet): Economical examples are steel arches, prestressed concrete segmental boxes, cable stayed, and suspension cable bridges.
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Extrusion type
date RelativeDate(date input_parameter; number_of_days)
Performance optimization is concerned with the continual improvement of IT processes and systems. This set of activities is concerned not only with financial efficiency, but also with the time and resources required to perform common IT functions. The primary objective of IT performance optimization is to ensure that the organization is getting the maximum benefit of IT services for the lowest possible expenditure of resources. Performance optimization is considered a rather mature approach to the management of IT processes and systems. It requires mature processes with key controls and measurement points, and is one of the natural results of effective quality management. See the earlier section Quality Management for more information on this perspective. Performance optimization is a complicated undertaking, because IT systems and processes usually change frequently over time; it can be difficult to attribute specific changes in systems or processes to changes in performance metrics. Maturity models such as SEI CMMI (Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model Integration) can be used to determine the level of an organization s processes. SEI CMMI focuses on whether an organization s processes have a level of maturity associated with measurement and continuous improvement. The COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology) framework also contains facilities to identify and measure key performance indicators, with
Media Gateway Control and the Softswitch Architecture
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n preparing for disasters, whether natural or man-made, today s Information Technology (IT) management must maintain nothing less than uninterrupted service for employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners. Citrix access infrastructure solutions enable this level of continued operation by protecting critical information and applications, providing secure web access to essential business resources, and enabling users to continue working from anywhere, with any device, over any connection. The Citrix Access Suite provides the capability to: Resume customer access quickly without waiting to rebuild the network. Empower employees to continue working from alternative locations, including their homes even if the company s main physical location is down. Displaced workers can securely access their key applications and data remotely over the Internet. Provide application redundancy by supporting seamless access through remote data centers.
VoIP and SS7
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