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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
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and lead to an access attack. To have the appliance drop SYN packets that have data, configure the syn-data drop command. The tcp-options command can clear certain options in the TCP header. For example, the selective-ack parameter allows you to clear the SACK option. The timestamp parameter allows you to clear or allow the timestamp option, which disables PAWS (Protect Against Wrapped Sequence) numbers and RTT (round-trip time). The purpose of PAWS, which is defined in RFC 1323, is to protect a TCP connection against old, duplicate segments in the same connection. There is a possibility, however, that PAWS may discard valid reordered segments. By clearing this in the TCP header, you are removing this likelihood. The window-scale parameter allows you to clear the window scale mechanism used by TCP. The range parameter allows you to control the range of options used in the TCP header. TTL evasion protection is enabled by default (the ttl-evasion-protection command). This feature looks for packets that have a shorter than normal TTL, where an attacker might be creating a short TTL that is allowed through the appliance, but dropped between it and a destination device by an intermediate router because the TTL has expired. The attacker would then send a malicious packet with a longer TTL, which might appear to the appliance as a retransmission of the first packet, and the appliance might allow it. Allowing the second, malicious packet through might enable an access or DoS attack against the destination device. TTL evasion protection should only be disabled if you have a legitimate device that is scanning the network and attempting to learn minimum and maximum hops to a destination via multiple paths; otherwise it should be left enabled for everyone else. The URG (urgent) pointer is a flag in the TCP header indicating an offset in the TCP payload that is high priority, which the destination device should process first; however, the RFC for TCP is not very clear on exactly how the URG pointer should be used and/or implemented, which has led vendors to interpret its meaning differently. This could lead to a destination device becoming vulnerable to an attack. By default the URG pointer and its corresponding offset are cleared; if you have an application that uses it, however, you should create a TCP map with this enabled (urgent-flag allow command), but qualify it with a class map that only includes the application server. Windowing is used by TCP to control the flow of the amount of data when data is dropped. What could happen is that a device could start out with a very large window size and very quickly drop it to a small size when sending little data, which is not recommended. The appliances, when detecting this condition on a TCP connection, will drop the packet with the large change in the window size. If you need to allow this, you can enable it with the window-variation allow command.
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CHAPTER 8 Applications of the Integral
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4: General Gynecology
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The application of a motor in a vehicle doesn t need to contend with multiple sources of power. Universal motors are typically used in appliances, and not much at that, given what happened to the world during the oil crises in 1973 and 1979. Efficiency became a watchword, and a NASA patent was eventually put into the public domain. This resulted in the Green Plug, which is now standard equipment in all new motordriven appliances. These motors shouldn t be put in EVs of any sort. There are better solutions.
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Solution: This is a parabola that opens up, and is displaced up or down and sideways. This quadratic is factorable to y = (x + 4)( x - 2) . The values x = 2 and x = -4 make y = 0 so these are the points where the curve crosses the x-axis. Place these points on the graph.
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Path layer. An end-to-end digital service such as DS1 or DS3 is defined as a path and may traverse many different digital sections at different multiplex bit rates and using different technologies (such as lightwave or microwave). Path-layer monitoring therefore gives an indication of the overall DS1 or DS3 service performance being provided to customers.
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This program creates two lists of myclass objects and displays the contents of each list. It then merges the two lists and displays the result. The output from this program is shown here:
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Angle of incline, O 5 Arc tan Rise 5 Arc tan 0.01 5 about 0 degrees 34 minutes Run
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Let s verify the improved performance of a Butterworth lter as n gets larger. We start with the rst-order lter, showing a plot in Fig. 15-7. This lter is far from the ideal case; the cutoff drops gradually rather than sharply. Now let s let n = 4. In this case the transfer function is given by |H ( )| = 1 1 + 8
This may lead you to wonder how the microcontroller embedded in the CD-ROM drive can determine how many individual 0 s are strung out in
When you shoot images with a digital SLR, you have the utmost in creative freedom. You can capture images with a wide array of lenses everything from a super wide-angle fish-eye lens to a long telephoto lens with a focal length of 500 mm or greater. You can use a wide-angle lens to record a picturesque landscape and then quickly change to a telephoto lens to capture a close-up of a distant animal. Figure 2-3 shows two shots of a digital SLR, one with a
Mount your camera on a tripod. Position your subject so that the light pouring through the window illuminates one side of his or her face. Disable the camera flash. Set the camera on auto-timer mode. Move and adjust the tripod as needed to compose the scene. If desired, use the tripod controls to rotate the camera 90 degrees to achieve a vertical composition. Press the shutter button halfway to establish focus. When you press the shutter button, you ll also be able to see the required exposure through your camera viewfinder or LCD monitor. Remind your subject to sit perfectly still while the camera is recording the exposure. If you notice that the required exposure is going to be several seconds, tell your subject to remain still until you tell them the camera has finished taking the picture. Press the shutter button fully. After you press the shutter button, the camera begins counting down. Do not touch the camera until the picture appears on your LCD monitor; otherwise, you ll shake the camera and get a blurry picture.
13: VLANs and Trunks
Technical Realities
/* This program uses the operator to prevent a division by zero. */ #include <iostream> using namespace std; int div_zero(); int main() { int i, j, result; cout << "Enter dividend and divisor: "; cin >> i >> j; // This statement prevents a divide by zero error. result = j i/j : div_zero(); cout << "Result: " << result; return 0; } int div_zero() { cout << "Cannot divide by zero.\n"; return 0; }
efore a book can become a reality, an author needs someone who believes in the idea and can envision the possibilities. In my case, that person was Nancy Hancock, executive editor at McGraw-Hill. Thank you, Nancy, for seeing this as a worthwhile project from the start and then helping shepherd my work into the world. Your insights and guidance always inspired me to do my best work. And to McGraw-Hill editor Richard Narramore, thank you for your support over the years and for introducing me to Nancy. I d like to give special thanks to editorial assistant Meg Leder for her attention to all the details during the editorial process. Meg, your patience and good humor helped smooth out the rough patches. I also want to thank all of the incredibly talented people at McGraw-Hill who worked on this project behind the scenes, helping to shape my manuscript into a much better book. These special people include Janice Race, senior editing supervisor. Your commitment to this book and your mindful guidance felt like a net underneath me as I leaped on to each new page. Thanks also to copy editor Alice Manning for your gifts of precious time and energy to this project, and a big thank you to Cindy LaBreacht for the composition of this book. And to my close friend and graphic specialist Elly Mixsell a bow goes to you for generously offering your creative input and design ideas for the figures featured in this book. Special thanks and appreciation go to my husband, David W. Thomley, for 25 years of unexpected adventure and love. Thank you for believing in me, no matter what. You are my hero, my sword, and my shield. And an immeasurable amount of my love and gratefulness goes to my daughter, Autumn Kelly Bruce. You, my daughter, are my soul print and the brightest star that shines in my True North. Thank you both for always holding me in the light of your love. An enormous thank you goes to the thousands of people who have made up my keynote audiences around the globe, and to all of the seminar and workshop participants who believe in my programs and continue to share with me their support, their heartfelt stories, and their much-appreciated feedback. Every one of you enriches my life by allowing me to be a part of yours. xvii
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