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a boat to electrically isolate all AC system conductors, including the AC grounding conductor (green) on the boat, from the AC system conductors of the shore-power supply. Transformer, polarization: an isolated winding transformer, i.e., a dry type, encapsulated lighting transformer, installed in the shore-power supply circuit on the boat to electrically isolate the normally current-carrying AC system conductors, but not the AC grounding conductor (green) from the normally current-carrying conductors of the shore-power supply. Transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS): a semiconductor device designed to provide protection against voltage and current spikes. Trickle charge: a continuous low-current charge. Trip-free circuit breaker: a resettable overcurrent protection device designed so that the means of resetting cannot override the current interrupting mechanism. Ty-wrap: plastic strap for bundling conductors and cables. Ungrounded conductor: a current-carrying conductor that is completely insulated from ground and connects the source of power to the utilization equipment. In direct current systems (DC), this conductor will be connected to the positive terminal of the battery. In alternating current systems (AC), this conductor will be connected to the hot side of the shore-power system, or to the appropriate terminal of an onboard auxiliary generator. Volt (V): the unit of voltage or potential difference. Voltage drop: reduction in voltage along a conductor due to the current carried and the nite resistance of the conductor. Voltage source: a device that supplies the voltage to a circuit. Voltmeter: device for measuring voltage or potential difference between two points of a circuit. Watertight: so constructed that moisture will not enter the enclosure. Watt (W): unit of measurement of power. One watt is 1 ampere through times 1 volt across. Wavelength: the distance between identical phases of two successive waves, usually from peak to peak or from zero-crossing to zero-crossing. Weatherproof: constructed or protected so that exposure to the weather will not interfere with successful operation. Windings: coils of current-carrying wire in a generator, motor, or transformer. Zone of protection: an essentially cone-shaped space below a grounded air terminal, mast, or overhead ground wire, wherein the risk of a direct lightning strike is substantially reduced.
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Calculates a load based on the disk I/O throughput in kilobytes. Calculates a load based on the number of disk operations per second. Calculates a load based on the number of page faults per second. Calculates a load based on the number of page swaps per second.
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The [ ] is overloaded as a binary operator.
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// Demonstrate a value type constraint. using System; struct MyStruct { //... } class MyClass { // ... } class Test<T> where T : struct { T obj; public Test(T x) { obj = x; } // ... } class ValueConstraintDemo { static void Main() { // Both of these declarations are legal. Test<MyStruct> x = new Test<MyStruct>(new MyStruct()); Test<int> y = new Test<int>(10); // But, the following declaration is illegal! Test<MyClass> z = new Test<MyClass>(new MyClass()); } }
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TIP Refer to 16 for approaches to tracking BusinessObjects XI usage.
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For some resource limits, you can specify a percentage (%), such as 20% for the number of entries in the state table, like this: limit-resource conns 20%. To associate a resource class to a context, from the system area, enter the context configuration and use the member command, like this:
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Split Tunneling and Split DNS
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Web Interface
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The application names you can specify include the following: dcerpc, dns, esmtp, ftp, gtp, h323, http, im, mgcp, netbios, radius-accounting, rtsp, sip, skinny, and snmp. The policy map name can be up to 40 characters, but cannot begin with _internal or _default , which are reserved names. When executing the policy-map type inspect command, you are taken into a subcommand mode, where you can configure your policies. The basic commands you can include here are as follows:
Networking Topologies
Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. An MMOG that is specifically about role-playing and (usually) character development through combat or other gameplay activities. EverQuest and Asheron s Call are examples.
Insulating sleeve on tower leg
STM-8 STM-12 STM-16
End transparency slider
Figure 16-7
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