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IT Flexibility
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NuVo Simplese audio distribution system
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Another method for gaining access to resources, particularly XenApp applications, is through clientless access to XenApp. Before diving in too deeply, let s clear some things up. There is really no such thing as true clientless access to anything. There is always a client whether it is a plug-in to IE in the form of an applet, a Java-based application, or whatever. There is always a client-side requirement for accessing resources.
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As you can see, x was modified by f( ), even though the parameter to f( ) was specified as a const pointer. It must be stressed that the use of const_cast to cast away const-ness is a potentially dangerous feature. Use it with care. One other point: Only const_cast can cast away const-ness. That is, neither dynamic_cast, static_cast, nor reinterpret_cast can alter the const-ness of an object.
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Data Store
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Software licensing, just like software, continues to evolve. Both Microsoft and Citrix licensing is required for all Citrix environments. As discussed in 2, Microsoft licensing with Windows Server 2003 offers both per-user and per-seat (that is, per-computer) implementations. Citrix licensing is offered on a concurrent user (CCU) basis. With both Microsoft and Citrix licensing, the license is not only an agreement describing the cost to the user and revenue to the vendor, it is also a technical implementation in which licenses are managed by the servers, and user access and feature function is disallowed if insufficient licenses are available. Although most companies today look at software licensing as purely an ethical and legal concern, for many applications, including Citrix and Microsoft, it is also a technical concern. On more than one occasion we have received calls from customers in a panic because users couldn t get logged in as a result of too few licenses or a configuration mistake with the licensing.
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An interface can specify an indexer. A one-dimensional indexer declared in an interface has this general form: // interface indexer element-type this[int index] { get; set; } As before, only get or set will be present for read-only or write-only indexers, respectively. Also, no access modifiers are allowed on the accessors when an indexer is declared in an interface. Here is another version of ISeries that adds a read-only indexer that returns the i-th element in the series. pdf417
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There s a certain amount of paradigm shift that must accompany the use of X10 outlets. Whereas plug-in modules are useful to go with a lamp or an appliance to any outlet in the house, once you install a wall receptacle, that receptacle will control whatever is plugged into it. As such, if you decide to reorganize the living room and move the stereo to the other side of the room, you must bring the receptacle (or install a new one) if you expect to continue with your X10 functions.
30.4.6 Summary table
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Performs dynamic configuration of links Allows for authentication Compresses packet headers Tests the quality of links Performs error detection and correction Allows multiple PPP physical connections to be bound together as a single
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isalnum( ), iscntrl( ), isalpha( ), isgraph( ), isprint( ), ispunct( ), isspace( )
Fiber-Optic Technology in Cable Systems
Advertised Distance (AD)
2. Choose Points from the Units drop-down list, and then type 1000 in both the Width
As with earlier releases of Presentation Server, once Citrix is installed on a Terminal Server, new performance monitoring counters are added to the default Terminal Server counters (see Figure 18-4). These can be accessed from Start | All Programs | Administrative Tools | Performance. NOTE: The entire ICA counter list is exposed only on a server running the Platinum or Enterprise edition of XenApp Server. On a server running the Advanced Edition, only latency-related counters are available. Performance monitoring counters that directly relate to the performance of ICA sessions, networking, and security are installed with XenApp Server. We recommend you use performance monitoring to get accurate accounts of system performance and the effects of configuration changes on system throughput. You can add and then view the following categories of XenApp Server related counters (called performance objects ) in Performance Monitor: Citrix CPU Utilization Mgmt User Citrix IMA Networking
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The for Loop
Several SIP-based applications have been devised based on the concept of a user being informed of some event or events. For example, significant work has been performed related to use of SIP for instant messaging, and an important part of instant messaging is presence, that is, knowing when a member of a buddy list is available. The concept of event notification, however, can be applied in numerous applications. For example, a user might want to be informed of any schedule changes for a flight or of a change in a stock price. To address these issues, RFC 3265 has been prepared to address the issue of event notification. That RFC specifies a general mechanism for event notification, but it does not specify the specific events. Any application that would want to avail itself of event notification would require a separate specification of the details of the events in question. SIP-based event notification is achieved through the use of two new SIP methods: SUBSCRIBE and NOTIFY. The SUBSCRIBE method enables a user to subscribe to certain events, which means that the user should be informed when such events occur. The NOTIFY method is used to inform the user of the occurrence of a subscribed event. Figure 5-18 shows a basic example of the use of these two SIP methods. The user who wants to subscribe to certain events sends a SUBSCRIBE method to a server that is aware of the events in question. The SUBSCRIBE request must include a new header field called Event:, which is used to identify an event package including those events of interest to the subscriber. The content of the Event: header field might explicitly or implicitly indicate the events of interest, or the content of the Event: header field might indicate that the details of the events of interest are carried within the SUBSCRIBE message body. For example, if a user wants to know about the presence and state of Instant Messaging buddy list members, then it would send a SUBSCRIBE request to the Instant Messaging server. The Event: header would simply need to indicate that the user wants to be informed about his buddy list. The server would know of the buddy list contents and, provided that the
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