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Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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This is an easy melanoma to diagnose. If you had trouble, are unsure of yourself, or missed it completely, go directly to jail. Do not pass. Go and do not collect $100!
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LCP sets up, configures, and transfers information across a PPP connection.
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As the value of Ethernet beyond the LAN is becoming increasingly accepted, there are numerous activities underway to overcome the shortcomings just identified and truly transform Ethernet into a mass market service. One such effort is to make it carrierclass. In its transformation to being a viable candidate beyond the LAN, this effort is a prerequisite, and although there has been considerable work done in this area, it still largely remains in its infancy. The increasing competition, especially from newer players such as Cable/MSOs in North America, is making the cannibalization scenario moot; it is not simply about losing out on some of the existing revenue but rather losing out on customers (and hence, losing out on all revenue). The latter situation is obviously less acceptable to incumbent Service Providers, and they have no choice but to undertake Ethernet deployment more aggressively and seize the growing demand for Ethernet services. The fact that numerous up and coming services like Voice over IP (VOIP) are actually better suited to deployment over an Ethernet/IP infrastructure and that legacy services can be accommodated by circuit emulation techniques is actually negating the cannibalization argument. The next chapter begins with a formal definition of Carrier Ethernet services and presents the broader framework that identifies the specific capabilities necessary to enable such services in Service Provider MANs and WANs. It also identifies all the various standards-based and commercial activities in the realm of Carrier Ethernet that are intent on positioning it for dominance, much like in the LAN. Not surprisingly, these enablers mirror, to some extent, the Ethernet story line in the LAN.
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1. Lichtig, William A., The Integrated Agreement for Lean Project Delivery, Construction Lawyer, vol. 26, no. 3, Summer 2006, published by the American Bar Association. 2. Yoakum, Sue E., Building Information Modeling: New Risks, and Challenges for Design Professionals, p. 3. 3. Ibid., p. 4. 4. Ibid., p. 5. 5. Ibid., p. 8. 6. Lichtig, William A., quotes Victor E. Sanvido and Mark D. Konchar, Selecting Project Delivery Systems: Comparing Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build and Construction Management at Risk, State College, Project Delivery Institute (1999) p. 3. 7. Ibid., pp. 11, 12. 8. Ibid., p. 15. 9. Ibid., p. 16. 10. Ibid. Target value design is similar to target costing, but may be broadened to encompass additional design criteria beyond cost, including time, work structuring, buildability, and similar issues. For a discussion of target costing see Glenn Ballard and Paul Reiser, The St. Olaf College Fieldhouse Project: A Case Study in Designing to Target Cost, Proceedings of the 12th Annual IGLC Conference, 2004. 11. Ibid., p. 16. 12. Ibid. The Construction Industry Institute s study entitled Costs of Quality Deviations in Design and Construction, (Pub. 10-1) concluded that the average rework on industrial projects exceeds 12 percent, equating to waste of $17 billion annually. See also Construction Owner s Association of Alberta, Project Rework Reduction Tool available at http:// 13. Ibid., p. 21.
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OfferNo) is the only candidate key. Other columns such as StdCity and StdClass are nonkey columns. The goal o f 2 N F and 3 N F is to produce tables in which every key determines the other columns. A n easy w a y to remember the definitions o f both 2 N F and 3 N F is shown in the margin.
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display help information until the user enters q. The entire listing for HelpClassDemo.cs is shown here:
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Part I:
Solution: Graph the curve as shown in Fig. 7-2. The area is
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