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18: Security Device Manager
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Client Plug-in or Secure Access Client
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components act as services on the Internet.
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Fig. 8-15
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Then the currents owing through each inductor will be related by i 2 = ai 1 (11.4)
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Figure 28.3 Measuring the loss of a spool of fiber at a single wave-
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24.1.5 Protocol analysis
26: Frame Relay
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Figure 27-17. General Easy VPN IPSec properties
The Collections API defines several other interfaces that add functionality. For example, IList<T> extends ICollection<T>, adding support for collections whose elements can be accessed through an index. The IDictionary<TK, TV> extends ICollection<T> to support the storage of key/value pairs. The Collections API provides several implementations of the collections interfaces. For example, the generic List<T> collection implements a type-safe dynamic array, which is an array that grows as needed. There are classes that implement stacks and queues, such as Stack<T> and Queue<T>. Other classes, such as Dictionary<TK, TV>, store key/value pairs. Although an in-depth look at each collection interface and class is not possible, a case study is presented that will give you an idea of their power and illustrate the general way in which they are used. It uses the List<T> collection.
Console.WriteLine("A simple C# program.");
The Container Classes
Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
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