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Local Multipoint Distribution Services (LMDS) and Microwave Multipoint Distribution Services (MMDS) SONET and local drops on copper Wireless Local Loop (WLL)
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address and port is redirected to another machine (and possibly a different port).
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Figure 2.37 (Continued )
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For these reasons, configure the host server to have a lighter user load than the other member servers of the server farm. The exact tuning of this is dependent on the applications being used and the usual load on the servers. Make user load on the host server one-half to two-thirds of the load on member servers. If using load balancing, tune the parameters so the host server is sent less user traffic than the other servers. If servers are restarted often, you must factor in longer start times. In larger Presentation Server environments running in indirect mode, dedicating the host server to handle data store requests exclusively can be necessary. NOTE If the same server is used as the zone data collector, the recommendations for dedicating a server as a zone data collector take precedence over the recommendations in this section. However, better performance can be achieved by utilizing separate machines for the data collector and direct server in a large farm. CAUTION Although it is possible to configure multiple Presentation Servers to connect directly to a single MSDE database, Citrix does not recommend this configuration because it is not supported by MSDE. MSDE allows only five connections per installed instance of MSDE. A Presentation Server may use multiple connections to the MSDE instance. Therefore, if more than one Presentation Server attempts to connect to the MSDE database at the same time, the connections may be denied, resulting in intermittent failures. Because of this, Citrix recommends that you configure the first server installed to the MSDE database using direct access and configure all other servers for indirect access.
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SCTP Associations
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The Smart Home Garage and Lawn
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Common Assumption No. 2
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Eliminating Fn between Eqs. (12.12) and (12.13) and taking two time derivatives of x(qc) yields mxx + k f xx + Icq c + ks (q c - q i ) = 0 x = x q 2 + q x
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of the IEEE 802.17 standard. Corrigent provided the Steering and Wrapping portions of the standard. Fujitsu s Flashwave 4500 MSSP is a Multiservice switching platform that supports, SONET, Ethernet over SONET (EoS), RPR, Generic Framing Procedure (GFP), Virtual Concatenation (VCAT), and high/low order grooming and switching capabilities. The 4500 allows carriers to offer a wide variety of traditional DS1, DS3, and OC-n private line services, plus carrier-class 10-Mbit to Gigabit Ethernet Private Line (EPL) services, on a single network. 12-port DS3 Transmux interface card enable services across a VT1.5 switch fabric of the 4500 platform to maximize the efficiency of TDM circuits. DS3 Transmux cards can gather hundreds of low capacity VT1.5 circuits from DS1 interface and multiplex them into fully utilized, high capacity STS-1 payloads. Consolidating circuits this way before they enter a digital cross-connect system (DCS) helps carriers postpone or eliminate the capital expense of adding or expanding a DCS. 4-port 10/100Base-T and 2-port Gigabit Ethernet RPR over SONET interface cards operate at Layer 2 on Ethernet circuits. RPR cards create customized partitions between TDM and packet bandwidth. The platform also supports dual port OC-48 units, which double the OC-48 density of the platform from 60 ports to 120 ports in multishelf Flashwave 4500 systems.
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