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As the term implies, plastic-clad silica (PCS) represents an optical cable manufactured using a glass core and a plastic cladding. The glass core consists of vitreous silica, while the plastic cladding is fabricated with a lower refractive index than in the core. The composition of a PCS-based optical cable is such that the attenuation and cost of PCS cable reside between those of a glass- and a plasticbased fiber-optic cable. A standardized PCS-based optical cable is 200/380 nm in size, with a 600-nm jacket. Although less expensive than glass, a PCS fiber-optic cable has considerable plasticity resulting in difficulty , when attempting to connect or splice cable. Because glass core fiber provides the lowest level of attenuation and high bandwidth, it is the preferred medium for both LANs and W ANs. However at data transmission rates as high as 100 Mbits/s, both plastic , core and PCS are used with LEDs in a LAN environment. We can note the general operational characteristics of multimode and single-mode fiber by examining their general level of attenuation, operating rate, and bandwidth, as well as the general environment in which they are used. Thus, let s do so. Today multimode fiber is used primarily in a LAN environment. This is because such fiber has an attenuation level between 3 and 1 dB/km, which is relatively high in comparison to that of single-mode fiber. The bandwidth capability of multimode fiber is between 160 and 500 MHz/km, which permits a data transmission rate of approximately 25 to 50 percent that of Gigabit Ethernet to be supported at a distance of one kilometer. This explains why when multimode fiber is used in that , LAN environment, the transmission distance is significantly less than 1 km. Although both lasers and LEDs can be used with multimode fiber in a LAN environment, less costly LEDs are used. When LEDs are used, a light source of 850 nm is employed, while the use of lasers results in a light source with a wavelength of 1300 nm. In comparison to multimode fiber, single mode has an attenuation rate a fraction of multimode. The attenuation rate of single-mode fiber
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void gotoxy(int x, int y)
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6.1.3 Conformance versus interoperability testing
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(13) Axle Bracket (12) Wheel Axle (11)
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Figure 5-48. KSO Point Payout Schedule
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Asymmetry of color and structure Parallel ridge pattern (black arrows) Parallel furrow pattern (yellow arrows) Regression (stars) Gray color and peppering (boxes)
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Support of Carrier Ethernet Attribute Standardized Service Support Granularity of Bandwidth & Quality of Service Partially supported Up to 10 M (Mid-Band Ethernet) in Metro Access networks Partially supported Up to 100 M; inherently shared bandwidth impacts QoS Substantially supported (using MPCP and DBA mechanisms) Substantially supported Fully supported Substantially supported Three levels of CoS and hard QoS Marginally supported Fully supported Substantially supported Eight levels of CoS Fully supported Partially supported Converged Transport Substantially supported Limited to voice and data Partially supported Voice functionality limited Fully supported Fully supported Fully supported Fully supported Fully supported Fully supported Fully supported Fully supported Fully supported
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void mystrcat(char *s1, char *s2, int len); void mystrcat(char *s1, char *s2);
Primary Rate ISDN
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Console.WriteLine("Number: " + num); Console.Write("Number in reverse order: "); do { nextdigit = num % 10; Console.Write(nextdigit); num = num / 10; } while(num > 0); Console.WriteLine(); } }
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TABLE 22-1 Comparison of Formula Functions in Various Product Versions (continued)
Instant Access
Since the foreach loop can only cycle through an array sequentially, from start to finish, you might think that its use is limited. However, this is not true. A large number of algorithms require exactly this mechanism, of which one of the most common is searching. For example, the following program uses a foreach loop to search an array for a value. It stops if the value is found.
Interactive Fax Response (IFR) enables customers to automatically receive a fax in response to a transaction performed through either the telephone or a computer. For example, a customer may receive a printout of an account balance after having transferred funds.
The 3D grid represents light positions relative to the selected extrude object.
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