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Another form of DSP technology can convert scanned images into text. When used with fax machines or fax images, optical character recognition (OCR) can change an incoming fax into a document that can easily be edited or incorporated into other types of applications. This would include editing a fax and placing it into a word processing document for easy editing capabilities. The additional storage capabilities could then convert the OCR, which usually would be a file of significant size, into a text-based document, which would be much smaller. Furthermore, by using the OCR to scan a pretyped document, for example, the application could transform the scanned document into a TTS application, which could be read aloud. One can just imagine the uses and applications of some of these technologies.
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In this example, you can see that the switch has sent and received VTP summary advertisements.
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PRINCE2 consists of one main manual: Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2. It is similar to PMBOK in that it consists of processes and components, but is different in that it fully describes the methodology and implementation techniques. The main concept behind PRINCE2 is that projects should have an organized and controlled start, middle, and end. Although it is not as comprehensive as PMBOK, PRINCE2 supplements general project management knowledge by specifically describing how to manage projects in a controlled and organized manner. PRINCE2 is a process-driven framework and integrates well with other processes and practices, such as Agile Scrum. The framework details 45 processes categorized in eight process groups. The process groups lead one through the project life cycle, similar to the Deming Cycle: Starting up a project Planning Initiating a project Directing a project Controlling a stage Managing product delivery Managing stage boundaries Closing a project Key inputs, outputs, goals, and activities are defined for each process. In addition, a maturity model is available to measure project management capability maturity. Another bonus is that the entire framework can be tailored for each project, as every process has guidance on how to scale it for small or large projects. This results in a flexible, scalable, and fully described framework.
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LNP is germane to achieving true local competition. In November 1994, the industry began to seriously investigate methods of providing true Local Number Portability. While the importance of retaining a telephone number was recognized in the early 1960s, it became a significant issue associated with 1 800 (and later 1 888, 1 877 and 1 900) services during the 1980s. The need for portability among telephone companies and providers was never really an issue until the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) administration published a proposal for future numbering plans in North America. This NANP document was issued in January 1993. Of course, since that time, the level of interest has increased substantially. As equal access and competition catch up to deregulation, the use of LNP becomes critical. In late 1994, MCI commissioned a study by the Gallup Organization to assess LNP and determine the following: 1. The potential for businesses and consumers alike to switch local telephone service providers under various market scenarios. 2. The perceived importance of various service factors regarding local telephone services. Not surprisingly, the results of the MCI study indicated the following for residential customers:
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Fig. 1-24
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Nevus Seborrheic keratosis Basal cell carcinoma Vascular Dermatofibroma Squamous cell carcinoma Melanoma Other
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Independent Management Architecture
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The Drape Fills options can make or break the realism you re trying to illustrate.
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Most companies need to consider mid-year changes to quotas. Like mid-year account changes, mid-year quota changes require across-theboard adjustments, or case-by-case changes. Sales management seeks to balance quota fairness by achieving forecast commitment. While some mid-year changes cause an increase in quotas, many petitions for mid-year changes are the opposite, causing a reduction in quotas with no commensurate reduction in earning opportunities. Complex sales organizations often provide for mid-year changes, but limit the scope of such changes with restrictive policies such as the following:
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Splicing wires using butt connectors
The following table gives you a good idea of the relative cost of various forms of entertainment, from the cheapest to the most expensive:
LMI Con guration
Description Obtains or sets the authentication level. Obtains or sets the cache policy, which controls when a response can be obtained from the cache. Obtains or sets the connection group name. Connection groups are a way of creating a set of requests. They are not needed for simple Internet transactions. Obtains or sets the length of the content. Obtains or sets the description of the content. Obtains or sets credentials. Obtains or sets the default cache policy, which controls when a request can be obtained from the cache. Obtains or sets the default proxy. Obtains or sets a collection of the headers. Obtains or sets the impersonation level. Obtains or sets the protocol. If true, authentication information is included when the request is sent. If false, authentication information is provided only when requested by the URI. Obtains or sets the proxy server. This applies only to environments in which a proxy server is used. Obtains the URI of the request. Obtains or sets the number of milliseconds that a request will wait for a response. To wait forever, use Timeout.Infinite. Obtains or sets a value that determines if default credentials are used for authentication. If true, the default credentials (i.e., those of the user) are used. They are not used if false.
When the Interactive Blend Tool is used, the Property Bar has options to customize your Blend effects.
The i declared within the if block overrides, or hides, the outer i. Changes that take place on the inner i have no effect on the outer i. Furthermore, outside of the if block, the inner i is unknown and the outer i comes back into view. Because local variables are created and destroyed with each entry and exit from the blocks in which they are declared, a local variable will not hold its value between activations of its block. This is especially important to remember in terms of a function call. When a function is called, its local variables are created, and upon its return, they are destroyed. This means that local variables cannot retain their values between calls. (There is one way around this restriction, however, which will be explained later in this book.) Unless otherwise specified, storage for local variables is on the stack. The fact that the stack is a dynamic, changing region of memory explains why local variables cannot, in general, hold their values between function calls. As mentioned earlier, although local variables are typically declared at the beginning of their block, they need not be. A local variable can be declared anywhere within a block, as long as it is declared before it is used. For example, this is a perfectly valid program:
The C# Language
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