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There are two ways to concatenate (join together) two or more strings. First, you can use the + operator, as demonstrated in 7. Second, you can use one of the various concatenation methods defined by String. Although using + is the easiest approach in many cases, the concatenation methods give you an alternative. The method that performs concatenation is called Concat( ). One of its most commonly used forms is shown here: public static string Concat(string str1, string str2) This method returns a string that contains str2 concatenated to the end of str1. Another form of Concat( ), shown here, concatenates three strings: public static string Concat(string str1, string str2, string str3) In this version, a string that contains the concatenation of str1, str2, and str3 is returned. There is also a form that concatenates four strings: public static string Concat(string str1, string str2, string str3, string str4) This version returns the concatenation of all four strings. The version of Concat( ) shown next concatenates an arbitrary number of strings: public static string Concat(params string[ ] strs) Here, strs refers to a variable number of arguments that are concatenated, and the result is returned. Because this version of Concat( ) can be used to concatenate any number of strings, including two, three, or four strings, you might wonder why the other forms just shown
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C# includes a feature called the collection initializer, which makes it easier to initialize certain collections. Instead of having to explicitly call Add( ), you can specify a list of initializers when a collection is created. When this is done, the compiler automatically calls Add( ) for you, using these values. The syntax is similar to an array initialization. Here is an example. It creates a List<char> that is initialized with the characters C, A, E, B, D, and F.
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C-Based I/O
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Make careful and informed decisions about key equipment purchases or leases. System reliability should be a prime consideration in any application delivery project. Unreliable system elements can jeopardize overall system performance. Monitor all subcontractors and vendors to ensure that they are staying on target with their assigned tasks. Move quickly to correct targets that aren t being met.
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Create Your Own Two-Color and Full-Color Patterns
Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
Related Functions
Auditing network security controls requires a thorough understanding of network technologies, network security techniques, and the architecture of the organization s network being audited. Any gaps in understanding may lead to insufficient scrutiny of the network, possibly resulting in a failure to identify serious deficiencies.
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The service dhcp command enables and disables the DHCP server feature on your router. By default, this is enabled on your Be familiar with the router. Precede the command with the no commands used to set up a DHCP server. parameter to disable it. The ip dhcp pool command creates an addressing pool. The name you give this pool must be unique. Notice that when you execute this command, you are placed in DHCP Subconfiguration mode. The network command specifies the range of IP addresses to be assigned to clients. You specify a network number followed by either a subnet mask or a slash and the number of networking bits in the network. If you omit the subnet mask value, it defaults to the subnet mask of the Class A, B, or C network. The domain-name command assigns the domain name to the client. The dns-server command allows you to assign DNS server addresses to the client. Separate each address from the next with a space. The netbios-name-server command allows you to assign WINS server addresses to the client. The netbiosnode-type command assigns the node type to a Microsoft client. This identifies how Microsoft clients perform resolution. These types can be b (broadcast only), p (WINS only), m (broadcast, then WINS), or h (WINS, then broadcast). The default-router command allows you to assign a gateway address (this should be the router s interface address). The lease command specifies the duration of the lease. If you omit this, it defaults to one day. If you specify the infinite parameter, the IP address assigned to the client is assigned permanently. The import all command performs the equivalent of selecting the Import All DHCP Options Into The DHCP Server Database parameter in SDM (see Table 18-2). The second to the last command in the preceding code listing is not done within DHCP Subconfiguration mode. The ip dhcp ping timeout command is used by the DHCP server to test whether an available address the server has in its pool is or is not being used. Before a server will send an address in a DHCPOFFER message, it pings the address. This command is used to define how long the server should wait for a reply. By default, this is 500 milliseconds. If the server doesn t receive a reply in this time period, the server will assume the address is not being used and offer this to the client. The ip dhcp excluded-address command excludes addresses from your network pool these addresses are already statically assigned to devices, perhaps servers, on the same segment as the client.
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