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In this case, the contents of array s remain unchanged because its values are not altered inside print_upper( ). The standard library function gets( ) is a classic example of passing arrays into functions. Although the gets( ) in C++ Builder s library is more sophisticated, the following example will give you an idea of how it works. To avoid confusion with the standard function, this one is called xgets( ):
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Channel bit length 0.1333 m(SL), 0.1467 m(DL)
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TransactionReply (TransactionID ContextID1 {Response, ContextID2 {Response, ContextID3 {Response, { Response, ... Response}, Response, ... Response}, Response, ...Response} } )
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No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
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Spread footings are anticipated on compacted ll material pending the results of the subsurface investigation for placing footings on newly compacted ll approximately 15 feet above grade. At this elevation, the water table will not be a problem. It will not be feasible to place footings on rock due to very high depth. Usually, differential settlement is not a concern for abutment wall spread footings.
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The max( ) macro returns the larger of the two values and the min( ) returns the smaller of the two values. The max( ) and min( ) macros return the same type as passed to them; both arguments passed must be of the same type.
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
Parameter Interface Buffer size Applicable formats Recording formats SCSI-2 (single-ended) 2 Megabytes
Apply Template
/* The program prints all command line arguments it is called with one character at a time. */ #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { int t, i; for(t=0; t<argc; ++t) { i = 0; while(argv[t][i]) { cout << argv[t][i]; ++i; } cout << ' '; } return 0; }
4: Bridges and Switches
Quality of Service (QoS)
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