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is that Hessen represents 27% of the group. This means that of all the provinces in Germany, Hessen accounts for 27%. Another way to look at this is that the group percentage is the percentage of the parent; Hessen accounts for 27% of all the sales in the parent, Germany. The next value is the percentage of the total, and that means the percentage of the top box of the decomp tree. In this case, Hessen accounts for 3% of the grand total, or all sales. Each member shown in a decomp tree will report the same two values: the percentage of the group and the percentage of the total. This can be very helpful when the user is far down a decomp chain and sees a value that is a large percentage of the group, but discovers it is but a tiny percentage of the total. Figure 6-44 also shows that the user has clicked on Hessen and drilled down to the City level. M nchen is the largest city in Hessen in terms of Internet Sales Amount and is therefore listed first. Following M nchen are four more cities, and then a stack representing the bottom four cities. This is the only level shown in the figure that cannot fit all the members on a line at once, and shows what happens
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Value Syntax auto | fixed | inherit Initial Value auto Percentages n/a Inherited no Applies to elements with a display of table or inline-table Media Groups visual
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An approach like this would never be used in professionally written C# code. Aside from being error-prone (you might forget to set one of the fields), there is simply a better way to accomplish this task: the constructor. A constructor initializes an object when it is created. It has the same name as its class and is syntactically similar to a method. However, constructors have no explicit return type. The general form of a constructor is shown here: access class-name(param-list) { // constructor code } Typically, you will use a constructor to give initial values to the instance variables defined by the class, or to perform any other startup procedures required to create a fully formed object. Often, access is public because a constructor is usually called from outside its class. The parameter-list can be empty, or it can specify one or more parameters. All classes have constructors, whether you define one or not, because C# automatically provides a default constructor that causes all member variables to be initialized to their default values. For most value types, the default value is zero. For bool, the default is false. For reference types, the default is null. However, once you define your own constructor, the default constructor is no longer used. Here is a simple example that uses a constructor:
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5.2.3 History of Design and Rating Speci cations
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TABLE 8.10 Vendors Offering EoF and EoWDM Solutions (Continued) Vendor Sycamore Networks Solution/Product Name OM1000 IAB-3000 OX8000 SN 3000 SN 16000, SN 16000 SC Tellabs Tellabs 6315 Tellabs 7110 Tellabs 7100 Tellabs 6370 Zhone GigaMux 6400 DWDM GigaMux 1600/3200 CWDM GigaMux 50 Comments MSPP MSPP MSPP MSPP MSPP, DCS Metro Ethernet platform (edge, aggregation) Optical transport system Optical transport system Optical transport system, ROADM Optical transport system, static OADM
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6. Making and Using Tables Data Table 3 shows the isotopic mass and relative
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Electing the Root Switch
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Ask the Expert
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physically secure. Data collectors should explore the option of encrypting the biometric data to help further safeguard the information from disclosure. (Perhaps, policymakers should consider providing criminal sanctions for willful disclosures, or consider providing for the recovery of civil damages when biometric identification information is disclosed without the consent of the individual.) Assuming one decides to give this five-prong CFIP-based biometric blueprint or any other approach the force of law, one has to determine who should pass the law. Specifically, if there oughta be a law, then should Congress or the various state legislatures take action Federal legislation offers the advantage of providing a uniform standard of privacy protection across the United States. Any organization using biometrics would only need to look to the federal law and its implementing regulations to know what is needed to ensure legal compliance. On the other hand, some states might move more quickly and provide more extensive privacy protection than Congress, while some states might do nothing. Thus, the various states might take widely divergent approaches to regulation of biometrics, which would require end-users to comply with many different state laws.
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
Inexact matching supports conditions that match some pattern rather than matching an identical string. One of the most common types of inexact matching is to find values hav ing a common prefix such as "IS4" (400 level IS Courses). Example 4.4 uses the LIKE op erator along with a pattern-matching character * to perform prefix matching. The string constant 'IS4*' means match strings beginning with "IS4" and ending with anything. The wildcard character * matches any string. The Oracle formulation of Example 4.4 uses the percent symbol %, the SQL:2003 standard for the wildcard character. Note that string constants must be enclosed in quotation marks.
The output from this program is the same as for the previous version.
What are the risks associated with an extended neck
9. To locate objects in your document that were applied with a specific graphic style,
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