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Including ios::app causes all output to that file to be appended to the end. This value can be used only with files capable of output. Including ios::ate causes a seek to the end of the file to occur when the file is opened. Although ios::ate causes a seek to the end of the file, I/O operations can still occur anywhere within the file. The ios::in value specifies that the file is capable of input. The ios::out value specifies that the file is capable of output. The ios::binary value causes a file to be opened in binary mode. By default, all files are opened in text mode. In text mode, various character translations may take place, such as carriage return, linefeed sequences being converted into newlines. When a file is opened in binary mode, no such character translations will occur. Keep in mind that any file, whether it contains formatted text or raw data, can be opened in either binary or text mode. The only difference is whether character translations take place. The ios::trunc value causes the contents of a preexisting file by the same name to be destroyed, and the file is truncated to zero length. When creating an output stream using ofstream, any preexisting file by that name is automatically truncated. The following fragment opens a normal output file:
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Idle Farm Communication
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As the comments suggest, the value in first contains the key and the value in second contains the value associated with that key. You can construct a pair using one of pair s constructors or by using make_pair( ), which constructs a pair object based upon the types of the data used as parameters. make_pair( ) is a generic function that has this prototype. template <class Ktype, class Vtype> pair<Ktype, Vtype> make_pair(const Ktype &k, const Vtype &v); As you can see, it returns a pair object consisting of values of the types specified by Ktype and Vtype. The advantage of make_pair( ) is that the types of the objects being stored are determined automatically by the compiler rather than being explicitly specified by you. The following program illustrates the basics of using a map. It stores key/value pairs that show the mapping between the uppercase letters and their ASCII character codes. Thus, the key is a character and the value is an integer. The key/value pairs stored are A B C 65 66 67
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If you use CorelDRAW as a workhorse, you ll find the new search capabilities to be invaluable, and the Print Merging feature makes mass mailings a thing that even a user without any spreadsheet knowledge (or interest) can do with speed and style.
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public static int Compare(string str1, int start1, string str2, int start2, int count, bool ignoreCase)
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Table 6-1 Information Handling Guidelines
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Although methods with a return type of void are not rare, most methods will return a value. In fact, the ability to return a value is one of a method s most useful features. You have already seen an example of a return value when we used the Math.Sqrt( ) function in 3 to obtain a square root. Return values are used for a variety of purposes in programming. In some cases, such as with Math.Sqrt( ), the return value contains the outcome of some calculation. In other cases, the return value may simply indicate success or failure. In still others, it may contain a status code. Whatever the purpose, using method return values is an integral part of C# programming. Methods return a value to the calling routine using this form of return: return value; Here, value is the value returned. You can use a return value to improve the implementation of AreaPerPerson( ). Instead of displaying the area-per-person, a better approach is to have AreaPerPerson( ) return this value. Among the advantages to this approach is that you can use the value for other calculations. The following example modifies AreaPerPerson( ) to return the area-perperson rather than displaying it:
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Broadband Communications and Asynchronous Transfer Mode 234 Wide Area Networks
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The measure has been moved to the background and dimensions have been placed on both the series and bottom axis.
8.3.2 Verifying test equipment channelization and port access rate
Web Page
Terminal emulation
Network Address
keypresses while objects are selected. To access the menu commands, choose Arrange | Align And Distribute and make a selection from the submenu, shown in Figure 12-2. It will probably fit into your workflow better, however, to open the Align And Distribute dialog, the last choice on the submenu. The floating dialog is shown here, and it s a modeless dialog, which means you can access the alignment and distribution commands one or a thousand times without the need to go back up to the main menu for multiple arrangements. You may also use the dialog-based method by choosing Arrange | Align And Distribute | Align And Distribute or by clicking the Align And Distribute button in the Property Bar, shown next, which is available while at least two objects are selected. Both actions open the Align And Distribute dialog.
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