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System defines these enumerations:
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Remember that the default priority for a switch is 32,768. The first command changes the switch s priority to 4096 for the specified VLAN. The second command changes it to 8192 for the specified VLAN. The third allows you to customize the priority for the specified VLAN. Based on the example in Figure 14-14, Switch-A s configuration would look like this:
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If you want to replace a word, phrase, or special character in the text with another word, phrase, or special character, use the Replace Text dialog, shown below, which is accessed by choosing Edit | Find And Replace | Replace Text.
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Bit budgeting is a critical step before you encode the audio and video. You must determine the data rate for each segment of the disc. If you underestimate the bit budget, your assets will not fit and you will have to re-encode and re-multiplex. If you overestimate the bit budget, you will waste space on the disc that could have been used for higher quality encoding. However, be conservative using less than the entire disc works, but exceeding its capacity, even by a small amount, forces you to rework the project. The idea is to list all the audio and video assets and determine how many of the total bits available on the disc can be allocated to each. Part of the early bit budgeting process involves balancing program length and video quality. Two axes of control exist data rate and capacity. Within the resulting two-dimensional space, you must balance title length, picture quality, number of audio tracks, quality of audio tracks, number of camera angles, amount of additional footage for seamless branching, and other details. The data rate (in megabits per second) multiplied by the playing time (in seconds) gives the size (in megabits). At a desired level of quality, a range of data rates will determine the size of the program. If the size is too large, reduce the amount of video, reduce the data rate (and thus the quality), or move up to a bigger capacity disc. Once you have determined the disc size and the total playing time, maximize the data rate to fill the disc, which will provide the best quality within the other constraints, such as the maximum bitrate for video of 40Mbps. Note that increasing the bitrate above a certain threshold will technically give better video or audio quality, but you may not see or hear the difference. The added bits will only result in longer production times to copy and process the larger filesizes.
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You have variations on polygons at the ready in CorelDRAW, in the same group as the Polygon Tool. The Star Tool can be used to create pointy polygons with anywhere from 3 to 500 points. The Complex Star Tool creates a number of combined polygons to make a star shape; you can create interesting symmetrical shapes by filling a complex Star the result contains both filled and vacant polygon areas.
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2. Once the new project is created, the Visual Studio IDE will look like this:
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Fig. 5.5
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(a) Cycloidal.
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The first command defines how the data traffic is to be protected. You must give the transform set a locally significant name; in other words, the name you give the set doesn t have to match what is configured on the remote peer. The transform set name is followed by an encryption algorithm and/or an HMAC function, commonly called the transforms. The order that you enter the transforms doesn t matter. Notice that you don t have to use an encryption algorithm (esp-null) or an HMAC function (esp-none). NOTE You can have multiple transform sets for different peers this is necessary if you have different peers with different capabilities. For example, you might have one peer that supports AES 256, but another that only supports 3DES. In this situation, you would need two transform sets for the two respective peers. The second command defines the mode for the data connections. Data connections support two modes: tunnel and transport. Tunnel mode is used for L2L and remote access connections, and transport mode for point-to-point connections, like the appliance sending a syslog message to a syslog server. If you don t configure this second command, the mode defaults to tunnel for the data connections using this transform set. If you are using a point-to-point connection, then you would specify transport as the mode in the second command.
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