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house: Dwelling car: Means of transport
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Although they perform a unique service, constructors are not much different from other types of functions, and they too can be overloaded. To overload a class s constructor, simply declare the various forms it will take and define each action relative to these forms. For example, the following program declares a class called timer, which acts as a countdown timer (such as a darkroom timer). When an object of type timer is created, it is given an initial time value. When the run( ) function is called, the timer counts down to zero and then rings the bell. In this example, the constructor has been overloaded to allow the time to be specified in seconds as either an integer or a string, or in minutes and seconds by specifying two integers. This program makes use of the standard library function clock( ), which returns the number of system clock ticks since the program began running. Its prototype is shown here: clock_t clock( ); The type clock_t is a defined type that is some form of long integer. Dividing the return value of clock( ) by CLOCKS_PER_SEC converts the return value into seconds. Both the prototype for clock( ) and the definition of CLOCKS_PER_SEC are found in the header <ctime>.
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Sales Credit Audits
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Data Store Guidelines
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When connecting a serial cable to the serial interface of a router, clocking is typically provided by an external device, such as a modem or a channel service unit/data service unit (CSU/DSU). The router is the data termination equipment (DTE) and the external device is the data communications equipment (DCE), where the DCE provides the clocking. This type of WAN connection is discussed in 25. In some cases, however, you might connect two routers back-to-back using the routers serial interfaces. For instance, if you are building your own lab to practice CCNA commands, you ll more than likely connect the routers back-to-back to reduce equipment costs. In this situation, each router, by default, is a DTE. Since clocking is required for the interface to be enabled, one of the two routers will have
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The original telephone network consisted of cables mounted on wooden poles placed along the streets of a community. These poles were often called telephone poles even though electric system wires were mounted on the same poles. By common agreement the electrical wires used the space at the top of the pole and the lower regions were used for the telephone plant. About one foot above the telephone plant was space designated for use by the town that originally issued permission for the poles to be mounted along the streets in the rst place. The towns and municipalities use this pole space to install the re alarm wires. The telephone
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We calculate that ln( 1/7) = ln 7, ln( 9/5) = ln 9 ln 5 = ln 32 ln 5 = 2 ln 3 ln 5.
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An auditor can gather information from several credible resources to conduct an audit with integrity and confidence. ISACA has developed its own set of standards of mandatory requirements for IS auditing and reporting. As a CISA, you agree to abide by and promote the IS Standards where applicable, encouraging compliance and supporting their implementation. As you prepare for certification and beyond, you will need to read through and become familiar with these standards. The following standards were created to define the minimum level of acceptable performance required to meet the professional requirements as required in the ISACA and to help set expectations. They have been established, vetted, and approved by ISACA:
Saving Files with User Info
Con rm That Your Document Is Visually Appealing
8: General Obstetrics
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Situation Analysis
Solutions to Exercises
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PCs increasingly require faster LAN bandwidth of 2, 4, or even gigabit switching to every desktop. Users of PCs and Windows terminals operating Citrix XenApp see only low-bandwidth screen prints. Although a fast server backbone is a must, legacy topolo-
Error Messages
In the initial buildout of cellular networks, coverage is the primary engineering concern for the network operators. At the initial build-out of a cellular network, cells are introduced that cover a large geographic area. This coverage typically is for built-up areas and major road routes. These cells will be used to provide the initial cellular service. The next stage in increasing coverage is what is termed infill. This is the stage in which the smaller towns are covered and extra cells are placed in previously covered areas to fill in the holes in the coverage. This can include in-building coverage.
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