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9. Explain the purpose of checked and unchecked. 10. How can all exceptions be caught
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Suppose that L = 2 H, R = 4 , and C = 1/2 F. If i(0) = 1, v(0) = 0, nd i(t).
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Before proceeding too far in this discussion, a review of modem technology is probably in line. Modems, or modulator/demodulator, were designed to provide for data communications across the voice dialup communications network. Through the use of modem technology introduced back in the 1960s, users were able to transmit data across the voice networks at speeds varying between 300 bps 33,600 bps. Although this may seem like high-speed communication, our demands and needs for faster communications quickly outstripped the capabilities of our current modem services, making the demand for newer services more evident. Higher speed modems could be produced, but the economics and variations on the wiring system prove this to be somewhat impractical. Instead, the providers looked for a better way to provide data communications that mimic the digital transmission speeds we are accustomed to. Using the telephone companies voice services, the end-user installed a modem on the local loop. This modem acts as the Data Circuit terminating Equipment (DCE) for the link. As shown in Figure 16-1 , a modem is used on the ILEC s wires to communicate across the wide area networks such as the long distance voice networks. This figure shows that the modem is the interface to the telephone network limited to the quality of the local loop. The ILEC installs a voice grade line on the local copper cable plant and allows the end-user to connect the modem. The modem then converts the data from a computer terminal into a voice equivalent analog signal. There is no real magic in modem communications today, but in the early days of data communications, this was considered voodoo science . The miracle of data compression and other multimodulation techniques quickly expanded the data rates from 300 bps to today s 33.6 Kbps. Newer modems are touted to handle data at speeds of up to 56 Kbps, but there are few who actually get data across the network at these rates. So, the reality of all the pieces combined still has the consumer operating at approximately 33.6 Kbps.
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Now every button and event has been accommodated except for one of the most important: the one that exits the application. So you need to add the File | Exit event and tie it to the icon of the closed door on the toolbar, too. To do this, double-click the ActionList on the form. Select File (categories) and then double-click the FileExit action. This brings the code window forward and places the cursor inside the function. Add this line of code:
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Charging Current, Amps
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Cisco ASA Configuration
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I actually got into the game industry by browsing inside a computer shop, where I bumped into Dave Jones of Lemmings fame (he owned the shop). I asked him to look at an Amiga megademo I was working on at the time. When he later saw the demo, he was so impressed he hired me on the spot, so if you want a programming job, it really helps to develop a demo of what you can achieve in your own time, and show that. Dave Bryson, Engine Programmer, Electronic Arts UK
9: Complications of Pregnancy
// An example of multiple base classes. #include <iostream> using namespace std; class base1 { protected: int x; public: void showx() { cout << x << "\n"; } };
double fabs(double num) long double fabsl(long double num)
Standby power supplies in cable systems add to the list of maintenance problems. Batteries have come a long way in improvements, however, and several types are available. The battery recommended by the manufacturer is usually the best one to use. Early standby power supplies used heavy-duty lead acid storage batteries similar to those used in cars and trucks. Carefully charging such batteries is critical so as not to overcharge and cause leakage of gases and the electrolyte. Many standby units presently available have proper charge controllers as well as solid-state inverters. Still, these units should be periodically inspected and tested. Standby power supply tests are mechanical or electrical. Electrical tests include current and voltage measurements taken in the normal power mode and in the standby mode. When in the standby mode, the battery voltage should be monitored for 10 to 15 minutes, which will indicate any signi cant voltage drop due to battery deterioration. Technicians making these measurements should use a digital multimeter for the a.c. and d.c. voltage measurements. A clip-on ammeter is useful in measuring the a.c. current from the commercial power source and/or the inverter to the ferroresonant transformer. Visual inspection could determine that loose components have been caused by normal vibration or possible vandalism. The most common of the visual problems is battery leakage and corrosion. Such corrosion should be cleaned and any acid or electrolyte should be neutralized with baking soda or an alkali spray. After cleaning, a silicone spray protection should be applied to seal against any action due to moisture. Standby power supply inspections should be made on a monthly or bimonthly basis, and many system operators have a crew of technicians trained speci cally for this work. Documentation for these inspections should be recorded on paper or electronically on a computer disk and led in a power supply maintenance log. An example of such a form is shown in Figure 7-28. Probably the most catastrophic power supply problem is if an automobile strikes a utility pole with a standby supply mounted on it or if a pedestal containing a standby supply is hit. In either case an outage usually occurs, and if personal injury results, repairs can only be made after the accident scene is cleared. If at all possible, a non-standby unit operated by a vehicle generator set can often be jumped into the circuit with clip leads to get the system temporarily back into service. As it is often said, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Therefore, the installation site for standby power supplies should be carefully chosen to be in as safe
where the sum is over all possible orientations or values of the angle a. If we assume that the dipole moment times the potential energy is much less than kT, then the above sum can be calculated by U = q2 d 2 e kT r 4 (6-7)
// Demonstrate a problem when passing objects. #include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> using namespace std; class myclass { int *p; public: myclass(int i); ~myclass(); int getval() { return *p; } }; myclass::myclass(int i) { cout << "Allocating p\n"; p = new int; *p = i; } myclass::~myclass() { cout << "Freeing p\n"; delete p; } // This will cause a problem. void display(myclass ob) { cout << ob.getval() << '\n'; } int main() { myclass a(10); display(a); return 0; }
the group tag determines where to direct AAA traffic (what protocol and server). The group tag is basically a string of characters, and the tag value must be different from other group tags. NOTE Cisco s AAA server, CSACS, supports both RADIUS and TACACS+. Most other vendors only support RADIUS. Next you must specify the AAA server that your appliance will use. You must specify the name of the interface where the security is located; if you omit it, the logical name defaults to inside. Following this is the host parameter and the IP address of the AAA server. The AAA_key parameter specifies the encryption key used to secure the connection between the appliance and the AAA server this key must also be configured on the AAA server and is case-sensitive. You can configure up to 256 different security servers, where each AAA server has its own configuration command. When trying to connect to the AAA server, the appliance will wait for a reply for 5 seconds by default. It will try to contact an AAA server up to four times. If the appliance can t reach the AAA server, it will try the second AAA server that you ve configured (if you have configured another one); therefore the order of the server statements is important. You can change the timeout value with the optional timeout parameter. The timeout can be increased up to 30 seconds. When executing the aaa-server command, you are taken into a subcommand mode. Here you can optionally change the port number used for the connection (applicable to RADIUS only). You can also enter the encryption key and timeout values if you omitted this from the aaa-server command. Here s an example of defining a protocol and server:
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