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// Demonstrate the queue exceptions. class QExcDemo { static void Main() { SimpleQueue q = new SimpleQueue(10); char ch; int i; try { // Overrun the queue. for(i=0; i < 11; i++) { Console.Write("Attempting to store : " + (char) ('A' + i)); q.Put((char) ('A' + i)); Console.WriteLine(" -- OK"); } Console.WriteLine(); } catch (QueueFullException exc) { Console.WriteLine(exc); } Console.WriteLine();
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the SS7 network and get it to the appropriate entity in the IP network. This task might sound simple just a simple translation from point code to IP address, right Unfortunately, things are rarely that simple. Certainly, point code to IP address translation is one of the issues to be addressed, but we also face the issue of which transport (layer 4) protocol to use for carrying the messages. Furthermore, using a standard SS7
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Voice Recording for Transaction Logging
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do { ch = (char) Console.Read(); } while(ch == '\n' | ch == '\r'); if(ch == answer) Console.WriteLine("** Right **"); else { Console.Write("...Sorry, you're "); if(ch < answer) Console.WriteLine("too low"); else Console.WriteLine("too high"); Console.WriteLine("Try again!\n"); } } while(answer != ch); } }
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Original signal
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The Ethernet Market Opportunity
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Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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The commercial game industry may have become more conservative as it has grown, but it s not the only option available for people interested in game development. There are other ways of working on games that may give you more freedom and flexibility.
An indexer can be overloaded. The version executed will be the one that has the closest type-match between its parameter and the argument used as an index. Here is an example that overloads the FailSoftArray indexer for indexes of type double. The double indexer rounds its index to the nearest integer value.
A huge area that is frequently overlooked is the training of software operators. This book addresses training in BIM processes; it does not address training in specific software tools, although this clearly is a requirement for anyone planning to use such tools. Most modeling tools will be intuitive enough to allow even the inexperienced user to build relatively simple projects in a fairly short time. The young generation just starting professional careers has been raised on video games and Internet exploration. This is both good and bad. The good part is that they are generally fearless about computers and will keep hitting various keys and clicking dialog boxes until some result is achieved; this, however, also includes the less desirable side of this approach it often lacks discipline. There is only one way to master a modeling tool, and that is through discipline; without the necessary rigorous exercises the most one can achieve is advanced amateur status. Now it is fair to say that unless one is interested in becoming professional, there is nothing wrong with being an amateur. As a BIM manager, however, it is important to know the difference. An amateur model may be remarkably different from a professional one; inaccuracies or unclear organization in a model can make them virtually unusable for any number of analytic processes. It is thus imperative that proper training in a specific software tools be part of the preparation to implement BIM on a project. This training will frequently have to be provided by the software developer or an outside consultant. A word of caution is needed here: Make sure that what is promised by sales representatives will actually be deliverable; not all companies have a very good follow-up support record. Not all software is equal when it comes to learning how to use it either; the training of staff will generally require far more of the company s resources than the actual software purchase itself. Just as software salespeople are likely to promise more than they can deliver, software operators often represent themselves as being more capable than they are; in fairness to them, they do not know what they do not know, but that does leave the burden on the BIM manager who hires the operators for the performance of specific tasks. Interoperability is a concept that is mentioned several times throughout this text. A separate book could be written about this subject; it is important, it is complex, and it is continually changing. This discussion does not address the subject in detail, but the BIM practitioner needs to become informed about the interoperability of the specific tools used on any given project; not just looking at the specification sheets of the software, but actually making the processes work on several files is a necessity. It is shocking to realize how dependent everyone is on the various products that have been developed for use. For most users it is simply not realistic to customize such software.* The only hope is that the software developers will address the needs of the field, or (as is most often the case) the field will be able to adjust its practices to the capabilities of the available tools. Both possibilities may lead to unintentional but positive surprises, as well as to frustrations and setbacks.
Final Exam
Build Your Own Combat Robot
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