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When photographing a person from head to toe, tilt the camera diagonally so that the person s head appears in one corner of the picture and the feet appear in the opposite diagonal corner of the picture.
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
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FIGURE 1-2 With cloud computing, other companies host your applications.
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Load Balancers
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In terms of its most common usage, you can think of the bitwise AND as a way to turn bits off. That is, any bit that is 0 in either operand will cause the corresponding bit in the outcome to be set to 0. For example 1101 0011 & 1010 1010 -------------------1000 0010
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Default (History, Local Settings, Temp, and Temporary Internet Files), Add Desktop.
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LAB 14.2
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Meter per second Meter
struct fred { char x; int y; float z; char s[10]; } mike;
file, or perhaps in a separate include file, rather than sprinkling them throughout the program. Macro substitutions are often used to define magic numbers that occur in a program. For example, you may have a program that defines an array and has several routines that access that array. Instead of hard-coding the array s size with a constant, it is better to define a name that represents the size, and then use that name whenever the size of the array is needed. Therefore, if the size of the array changes, you have to change it in only one place in the file, and then recompile. For example:
A dimension is a structural attribute of a model, and is the primary building block of models. Dimensions offer a concise, intuitive way to organize and select data for retrieval, review, and analysis. The Dimensions workspace within the Planning Business Modeler can be selected by clicking on the Dimensions attribute in the Workspace Browser displayed in Figure 7-10. Planning Server provides two categories of dimensions: predefined and userdefined. The predefined dimensions are automatically generated by the Planning Server whenever an application is created. Some of these dimensions are populated with members, some with members and member sets (member sets are equivalent to hierarchies within dimensions), some with the specialized NONE member, and yet others with no member at all. The predefined dimensions available within the Planning Server and a short description of each are given next: Account The Account dimension and its associated rules enable a user to create and maintain a chart of accounts for various nancial models. Business Process The Business Process dimension contains a member set (hierarchy) that enables Planning Business Modeler to store the results from different stages of prede ned nancial calculations, such as consolidation, allocation, and currency conversion. Since the dimension members store results from each step of these processes, the data that is stored can be useful for auditing and for custom calculations. Consolidation Method The Consolidation Method dimension is a at dimension that is intended for nancial models that have shares calculations. This dimension de nes the basis for the nancial consolidation processes, such as specifying equity, full, holding, and proportional consolidations. Currency The Currency dimension is a at dimension that stores a list of currencies. This dimension is not automatically populated, but the developer can populate it with the list of currencies that the model requires. Entity The Entity dimension is used to maintain a list of business entities within the organization. Exchange Rate The Exchange Rate dimension is a at dimension that stores values of exchange rates that are used by an Exchange Rate Assumptions model. In addition, this dimension might be used by currency conversion calculations.
ITU-T Protection Switching
Figure 16 - 11
Generic Syntax
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