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The C# Language
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Fracturing Truss Model as an Alternate to MCFT
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Series inductor. As shown in Fig. 1.39, the equivalent series inductor is placed
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Verifying CTP Authentication
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industry first emerged. Information sharing is much more prevalent, yet boundaries still exist and many employees still greet computers with a degree of trepidation. Recognize that such users still may need information to do their jobs, yet they may not see BusinessObjects XI as their primary resource. These users still may request scheduled, printed reports or, in the absence of such automation, may rely on gut-feel decision-making.
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Part I:
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// A simple generic class. using System; // In the following Gen class, T is a type parameter // that will be replaced by a real type when an object // of type Gen is created. class Gen<T> { T ob; // declare a variable of type T // Notice that this constructor has a parameter of type T. public Gen(T o) { ob = o; } // Return ob, which is of type T. public T GetOb() { return ob; } // Show type of T. public void ShowType() { Console.WriteLine("Type of T is " + typeof(T)); } } // Demonstrate the generic class. class GenericsDemo { static void Main() { // Create a Gen reference for int. Gen<int> iOb; // Create a Gen<int> object and assign its reference to iOb. iOb = new Gen<int>(102);
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Many effects can be applied directly to Artistic Text, but you might want to apply effects that cannot be applied as a live effect to editable text. To achieve the desired effect, the Artistic Text objects first need to be converted to curves: choose Arrange | Convert To Curves, or press CTRL+Q. Text that has been converted to curves is no longer editable with the Text Tool and must be edited with the Shape Tool instead, just like any other curve object. As mentioned earlier, text converted to a plain object with paths and control nodes is a good way to begin creating logos. The following illustration shows a treatment of Artistic Text converted to curves, and then with a push of a node here and a pull there, you have a workable party store sign.
-particle using the equation shown below. The change in velocity is proportional to the force on the -particle. vy (7.311 10 20 m3/s)(1/r 2)(y/r) In this equation, the (1/r 2) term represents the electrostatic repulsion force on the -particle by the gold atom nucleus. The (y/r) term converts the total velocity change ( v) into the y-component of the velocity change ( vy). The proportionality constant 7.311 10 20 m3/s accounts for the charges of the particles and the time interval used. 4. Calculate the next x-position (xnew) of the -particle using the equation shown below. xnew xold (vx)( t) Remember that the time step ( t) is 1.33 10 20 s. Use the initial value of vx for the -particle found in Data Table 1.
ciscoasa(config)# tunnel-group tunnel_group_ID general-attributes ciscoasa(config-tunnel-general)# group_policy configuration commands: accounting-server-group Enter name of the accounting server group address-pool Enter a list of address pools to assign addresses from annotation Specify annotation text - to be used by ASDM only authentication-server-group Enter name of the authentication server group authorization-dn-attributes The DN of the peer certificate used as username for authorization
SECURITY ALERT! If you don t specify an ACL_ID, all the ACLs on your appliance are deleted without any warning! It s amazing that Cisco would have the appliance do something so dramatic without prompting you. So be very careful when executing this command. Also, when you delete an ACL or ACLs with the preceding command, the associated access-group command(s) are also deleted.
Deleting document pages can be done by choosing Layout | Delete Pages from the main menu; you can delete one or more of the existing pages in your document. By default, the dialog opens to display the current page as the page in the Delete Page box, shown at right, but you may select any page before or after your current page if you choose. To delete an entire sequence of pages, click the Through to Page option, which enables you to delete all pages in a range between the page specified in the Delete Page box through to any page following your current page.
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