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One aspect of symmetric (private key) and asymmetric (public key) cryptography that has not been discussed yet is the computing requirements and performance implications of these two types of cryptosystems. It can be stated rather broadly that public key cryptography requires far more computing power than private key cryptography. The practical implication of this is that public key encryption of large sets of data can be highly compute-intensive and make its use infeasible in some occasions. One solution to this is the use of a so-called digital envelope that utilizes the convenience of public key cryptography with the lower overhead of private key cryptography. The procedure for using digital envelopes works like this: 1. Sender and recipient agree that the sender will transmit a large message to recipient. 2. Sender selects or creates a symmetric encryption key, known as the session key, and encrypts the session key with recipient s public key. 3. Sender encrypts the message with the session key. 4. Sender sends the encrypted message (encrypted with the session key) and the encrypted session key (encrypted with the recipient s public key) to the recipient.
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Console.WriteLine("p is " + p + ", q is " + q); if(!p | q) Console.WriteLine(p + " implies " + q + " is " + true); Console.WriteLine(); } } } }
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If there are two or more abnormal values on the GTT A diagnostic procedure for chromosomal and genetic anomalies that involves transvaginal or transabdominal aspiration of placental cells at 9 12 weeks EGA There is a 1/200 risk of adverse fetal outcome or demise A diagnostic procedure done at >15 weeks that can detect chromosomal/ genetic abnormalities, amniotic infection, inflammation, and fetal lung maturity. It involves transabdominal aspiration of the amniotic fluid from the uterine cavity There is a 1/300 risk of adverse fetal outcome or demise
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rel= ... This attribute describes the relation of the LINKed file to the document itself. For external stylesheets, there are two possible values: stylesheet and alternate stylesheet. Any LINK with a rel of stylesheet will be used in the styling of the document. The value alternate stylesheet is used to refer to stylesheets that are not used in the default rendering of the document, but which can, in theory, be selected by the user and thus change the presentation. The user agent must provide a mechanism to do so in order for this to work, and unfortunately most user agents do not provide such a mechanism. This attribute is required. href= ... The value of this attribute is the URL of the external stylesheet. Either relative or absolute URLs may be used. This attribute is required. type= text/css This is used to declare the type of data which is being LINKed to the document. When associating a CSS stylesheet, the only allowed value is text/css. Other stylesheet languages will call for different values (e.g., text/xsl). This attribute is required. media= ... Using this attribute, one can declare a stylesheet to apply only to certain media. The default value is all, which means that the styles will be used in all media in which the document is presented. Recognized values under CSS are all, screen, print, projection, aural, braille, embossed, handheld, tty, and tv. Any number of these values can be used in a media attribute by formatting them as a comma-separated list. This attribute is optional. In this approach, the stylesheet is placed in its own file. Such files are usually Note given an extension of .css, such as main-styles.css. The LINK element must be placed inside the HEAD element in HTML and XHTML, but XML-based markup languages may have other requirements.
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not an IP-flavored MTP3. For example, M3UA does not implement standard MTP3 signaling network management messages such as TFA, TFP, and so on. This point is important and will be emphasized shortly. Consider an MGC that needs to run an application such as ISUP. The MGC can do so in several ways. For example, the MGC can run ISUP over MTP3 over M2UA (or M2PA) over SCTP, as shown in Figure 7-16 and Figure 7-17. Alternatively, the MGC can implement ISUP over M3UA over SCTP, as shown in Figure 7-18. The difference between the two approaches is a matter of where the MTP3 function really resides. In the scenario depicted in Figure 7-18, the real MTP3 exists at the SGs. M3UA simply enables the ISUP application at the MGC to remotely access the MTP3 function at the SG, without the ISUP application realizing that the MTP3 function is not local. The MGC of Figure 7-18 might have its own point code, separate from that of the SG. In that case, the SG function likes an STP and appears as an STP to the outside SS7 network. The outside SS7 network views the MGC as a typical SS7 signaling endpoint to which access is achieved via one or more SG STPs.
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P.O. Box 1113-W Felton, CA 95018-1113 (831) 429-1989 Fax: (831) 429-1907 Email:
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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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Always read the product descriptions completely before bidding. This
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Objects set to follow a path do so using their original, unaltered orientation by default. For example, a blend involving vertical lines when blended to a path results in the centers of objects aligning with the path, but their orientation will remain vertical. If you need your blend group objects to align with the orientation of the path itself, choose the Rotate All
A useful way and one that we encounter frequently in everyday life for generating solids is by revolving a planar region about an axis. For example, we can think of a ball (the interior of a sphere) as the solid obtained by rotating a disk about an axis (Fig. 8.12). We can think of a cylinder as the solid obtained by rotating a rectangle about an adjacent axis (Fig. 8.13). We can think of a tubular solid as obtained by rotating a rectangle around a non-adjacent axis (Fig. 8.14).
Extended the addressable space for IEEE 802.1ah,IEEE 802.1d, users and architecture and framework MEF 6, MEF 10.1 for scaling services de ned Provided for MAC encapsulation (MAC-in-MAC) to enable substantial Layer 2 scalability IEEE 802.1ah, IEEE 802.1QAy
Fig. FE-1 Circuit diagram for Problem 8.
During Conversion
the cast to int obtains the whole number component, which is then subtracted from the complete value, yielding the fractional component. Thus, the outcome of the expression is double. Only the value of the second call to Math.Sqrt( ) is cast to int.
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