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This command shows the OSPF timer configurations and other statistics, including the number of times the SPF algorithm is run in an area.
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the number of CPU operations such as comparisons and assignments, and W is a weight, a real number between 0 and 1.
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The rise time is de ned as the time it takes for the capacitor to charge from 10% Vmax to 90% Vmax. Rise time tr t0.9 t0.1 0.1RC 2.2RC
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10 Application Development with Views
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FIguRE 6-11 In aromatic rings, the electron cloud is distributed so that a layer of partially negative charge exists above and below the plane of the ring, with partially positive charge along the ring edge. the electronegative layers above and below the ring plane can interact strongly with cations (positive ions).
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As with GPS, radar units include matching antennas. The transmission frequency of around 9,500 megahertz (9.5 gigahertz) corresponds to a wavelength of about 1 inch. The radar waves are therefore easily blocked by metallic objects, such as masts, greater than 1 inch in diameter. A second location requirement is that the antenna essentially a microwave generator be located a minimum of 2 feet from humans. (The rst microwave ovens were aptly named Radar Ranges!) Just forward of the steering station on a ying bridge is not a good location! The third location criterion is height. Since radar transmission is line of sight and limited in distance by the curvature of the earth, the higher the antenna, the farther you can see. On the other hand, the radiation has a vertical beam width of about 40 , so objects more than 20 below the horizontal will not be seen either. In choosing an antenna height, you thus need to balance the need to see large, distant targets and small, close objects. Figure 13.10 shows both far (D1 + D2) and near (N1) distances. Table 13.3 lists the far distances (range) for combinations of radar and target heights. Table 13.4 similarly shows the near distances (blind zone) for combinations of radar and target heights.
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Inventory list: Pliers Cost: $5.95 Wrenches Cost: $8.29 Hammers Cost: $3.50 Drills Cost: $19.88 On On On On hand: hand: hand: hand: 3 2 4 8
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Message Text Application Consistency Check: The MetaFrame Application record with Friendly Name %1 at DN %2 references a Common Application record. This record does not have a Friendly Name. (Result: %3) Application Consistency Check: The MetaFrame Application record with Friendly Name %1 at DN %2 references a Common Application record. This record does not have a Browser Name. (Result: %3) Application Consistency Check: The MetaFrame Application record at DN %2 has a Friendly Name of %1. The corresponding Common Application record has a Friendly Name of %3. This mismatch is an error. Application Consistency Check: The MetaFrame Application record at DN %2 has a Browser Name of %1. The corresponding Common Application record has a Browser Name of %3. This mismatch is an error. Common Application cleanup, deleting record at DN <%1> MetaFrame Application cleanup, deleting record at DN <%1> MetaFrame Server cleanup, deleting record at DN <%1> Common Server cleanup, deleting record at DN <%1> Server Host Record cleanup, deleting record at DN <%1> Unable to open Citrix Runtime registry key. Application terminated. (Status: %1) Unable to read Neighborhood name from registry. Application terminated. (Status: %1) Unable to initialize Data Store connection. This server must have a direct connection to the data store. Application terminated. (Result: %1) Data Store Validation Utility. Version: %1 Unable to initialize event log. Messages will be displayed on console only.
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Satellites have found a niche in oceanography. In regional and local seas, satellites provide remote sensing, which gives a unique approach to monitoring the environment for the management of living resources, fishing, navigation, and coastal erosion. All maritime nations now have access to valuable information needed to manage the ocean boundaries that compromise their economic zone. Countries use satellites in many adaptations. From military applications, agriculture and oceanography, satellites have improved the overall performance of the individual country. Each of the applications listed, however, uses significant amounts of data to perform and monitor these functions.
ou have built your universe, made it more robust with advanced objects and hierarchies, and developed a security strategy. You are off to a good start. As your universe evolves, you will face a number of choices about where to put the intelligence, specifically the business intelligence. This chapter focuses on the alternatives and the pros and cons of each alternative. My goal is to help you understand the cost/benefit implications of the choices as you deploy BusinessObjects XI.
The C# Language
Here s an easy way, overlooked by too many amateur photographers, to eliminate surrounding clutter and concentrate on your subject matter: Turn your camera 90 degrees. Remember, you can just as easily use your camera to take vertical shots as horizontal. We are vertical creatures, and a vertical image automatically excludes wasted space to either side of the subject, as appeared in Figure 3-10.
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3. From the Set Group Priority dialog, move the Finance group to the top by selecting the group and clicking Move Up.
When you first build a universe or after you have imported a universe from the repository, the universe is stored as a .unv file on your local workstation. Following is the default directory:
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