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(Refer to Table 13-1 if you are not sure how we obtained each term.) Rearranging we have I (s)(s + 1) 1 = 2 s
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One important limitation associated with all LEDs regardless of the type of light emitted is the coupling loss associated with mating the LED to an optical fiber. Because an LED emits incoherent light over a broad spectrum, its coupling loss is higher than that when a laser is used as a light source. Thus, the spectral width governs the effective signal bandwidth since a larger spectral width requires a larger portion of the optical fiber bandwidth. This is illustrated in Figure 4.7, where the bandwidths of a typical LED and laser diode are compared. The area under each curve shown in Figure 4.7 represents the optical power generated by each device. Although our first inclination is to note that the LED generates more power than a laser diode does, as a famous radio announcer would say That s part of the story. This is , because the spectral width, which is the half-power spread, results in a much higher coupling loss when an LED is used. In an attempt to limit coupling loss, LEDs may include a focusing lens bonded to the semiconductor and, as noted previously can also result in the bonding of the , LED to a fiber. However for most applications the use of LEDs requires a ,
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9: Complications of Pregnancy
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8: Inheritance
// Delegates can refer to instance methods, too. using System; // Declare a delegate type. delegate string StrMod(string str); class StringOps { // Replaces spaces with hyphens. public string ReplaceSpaces(string a) { Console.WriteLine("Replaces spaces with hyphens."); return a.Replace(' ', '-'); } // Remove spaces. public string RemoveSpaces(string a) { string temp = ""; int i; Console.WriteLine("Removing spaces."); for(i=0; i < a.Length; i++) if(a[i] != ' ') temp += a[i]; return temp; } // Reverse a string. public string Reverse(string a) { string temp = ""; int i, j; Console.WriteLine("Reversing string."); for(j=0, i=a.Length-1; i >= 0; i--, j++) temp += a[i]; return temp; } } class DelegateTest { static void Main() { StringOps so = new StringOps();
Developer s Paradox Statement
The C# Language
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