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The simplest kind o f file structure stores logical records in insertion order. N e w logical records are appended to the last physical record in the file, as shown in Figure 8.6. U n l e s s logical records are inserted in a particular order and no deletions are made, the file b e c o m e s unordered. Unordered files are sometimes known as heap files because o f the lack o f order. The primary advantage o f unordered sequential files is fast insertion. However, when logical records are deleted, insertion b e c o m e s more complicated. For example, if the second logical record in P R is deleted, space is available in PR,. A list o f free space must be main
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Object contents
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C# provides a feature called the anonymous type that directly relates to LINQ. As the name implies, an anonymous type is a class that has no name. Its primary use is to create an object returned by the select clause. Often, the outcome of a query is a sequence of objects that are either a composite of two (or more) data sources (such as in the case of join) or include a subset of the members of one data source. In either case, often the type of the object being returned is needed only because of the query and is not used elsewhere in the program. In this case, using an anonymous type eliminates the need to declare a class that will be used simply to hold the outcome of the query. An anonymous type is created through the use of this general form: new { nameA = valueA, nameB = valueB, ... } Here, the names specify identifiers that translate into read-only properties that are initialized by the values. For example,
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Example: At 68 F, the battery loses the first 10% of charge in three months. If this is a 100 Ah battery, it loses 10% of 100 Ah, or 10 Ah over a period of 90 days. Since there are 24 hours in a day, the discharge period is 90 24, or 2,160 hours. The average discharge current was thus 10 Ah/2,160 hours = 0.0046 amp. Using Ohm s Law,
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Reading Strings
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Business model Channel
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An EVC with three ports, as shown in Figure 13.5, looks to the customer s spanning tree algorithm just like the large diameter coax cable in Figure 13.2. There are some things that a customer must be very careful of, however, if he or she sends BPDUs over a provider s network. First of all, the provider s network components are not, of course, perfectly reliable. When a failure, an addition to the network, or a significant configuration change takes place, the flow of customer data may be interrupted until the provider s spanning tree algorithm can correct the situation. If both the provider s and the customer s spanning tree algorithms are using the same default timers for the transmission and timeout intervals, then there is a very real chance that both networks will detect an error when a provider change occurs. When the provider has restored connectivity, the customer may experience a temporary data loop. The customer can avoid this problem simply by increasing the value of the port hello time on those ports that face the provider. The default is 2 sec. You can ask the provider what time is appropriate for a customer network that is transmitting BPDUs over the provider network, but a value three times larger than the provider s bridge hello time is appropriate. An interesting situation for the customer who runs BPDUs over the provider network is shown in Figure 13.6. In this figure, the customer is using the provider network as a four-port E-LAN EVC connecting four ports in the customer s two clouds. The purpose of the EVC is to provide redundant connectivity for each cloud, so the two clouds can have maximum connectivity in the face of failures. Presumably, each of the eight ports shown as small black circles in Figure 13.6 are in eight different bridges in the provider s and the customer s network.
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Cleanup and Disposal
his chapter will introduce you to the inspection capabilities of the appliances as inspection relates to commonly used data applications. The application inspections covered include DNS SMTP and ESMTP FTP TFTP HTTP Instant messaging (IM) RSH SNMP SQL*Net
6: Analysis with PerformancePoint Server and ProClarity
4 T H E I N T E G R A L
will probably want to check the Save With Embedded VBA Project check box. Your VBA script, macro, or project will be saved with your document and may be viewed, copied, or used by whoever reopens the document. If you want to preserve your scripts as your own intellectual property, you might want to leave this option unselected, but then you would have to find a different way to distribute your work.
var s1 = 4.0, s2 = 5.0; // Error!
using System; class Test { static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("This is a test."); } }
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There are two equivalent ways to speak about statistical mechanical distributions. We can speak about distributing energy among molecules, or we can speak about distributing molecules among energy levels. these are the same; they are just two ways of looking at the same situation. in our present example, when distributing energy among molecules, we say there are 22 possible distributions of 18 units of energy among ten molecules, given the constraint that each molecule must have at least 1 unit of energy. In this way of speaking, then, we say the number in each molecule column of table 5-2 indicates how many units of energy that molecule has. When speaking about distributing molecules among energy levels, we say there are nine energy levels available to the molecules, and there are 22 possible distributions of ten molecules among nine energy levels, given the constraint that the total energy must always add up to 18 units. In Table 5-2 then, we would say the number in each molecule column indicates which energy level that molecule occupies.
There are two important restrictions to using indexers. First, because an indexer does not define a storage location, a value produced by an indexer cannot be passed as a ref or out parameter to a method. Second, an indexer cannot be declared static.
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