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manner, machine life cycle cost is controlled since a cam is much more complicated and expensive than a roller-follower assembly. The roller is measured and replaced when a reduction in diameter is observed. This approach to cam-follower life has yielded permanently installed high-speed and high-load cams that last over 40 years. Roller followers are commercially obtainable and comprise an assembly of separate parts a drilled stud (for bearing lubrication), an outer race, and a set of rollers. The outer race is hardened to Rockwell C 60-62, having a highly polished hardened steel surface for good wear life and a tough case for absorbtion of dynamic and shock loads. The rollers are usually needle bearings. Sometimes cylindrical rollers are employed. Both kinds supply purely radial loads. Needle bearings have an advantage over cylindrical bearings when they are used alone as cam followers; the large number of small-diameter, closely spaced rollers appreciably reduces the bending stress in the outer bearing race. Needle bearings have a low misalignment tolerance and moderate speed limits but use a smaller low-mass, low-inertia roller assembly which is excellent in cam followers. Reduced slipping of the roller on the cam surface is effected. Needle bearings are speed limited because the rollers skew at high speeds. The bearings are made of AJSI 52100. The cam roll mountings available are the stud type, which is contilever supported, and the yoke or straddle type. Figure 10.16a shows the stud type supported on a steel stem carrying needle bearings. Seals are included to return the grease which is inserted through a grease nipple. Heavy stud types are commercially available (not shown) for heavy load, shock loading, or applications requiring minimum de ection. Figure 10.16b shows a yokesupported type using needle bearings and used in the automobile industry as valve tappet and fuel injection rollers. The yoke mounting is a better support and has reduced de ection and misalignment of the roller on the cam. The seals are excluded when external oil lubrication is available. This is desirable also to reduce seal friction in bearings. Because a yoke mounting distributes load uniformly over the bearing, the load limit of a yoke is about equal to that of a heavy stud follower. Cylindrical roller cam followers are employed for heavy loaded systems. They are also available in double-roller assemblies for extraheavy installations. Sometimes standard ball, cylindrical roller, or needle bearings are utilized with the outer race specially built. Figure 10.17 shows a needle roller follower with a laminated thermoset resin outer roller used on a textile machine to reduce shock. The cam-follower roller in contact with the cam will produce geometric stress concentrations that are dependent on the length of the contact. Figure 10.18a shows a straight roller resting on a cam. The roller will de ect slightly into the cam surface, producing the stress curve shown. Higher stresses will be induced at the ends and thus stress concentrations occur. Fatigue pitting or spalling will initiate at the ends. Crowned rollers, having a large radius of curvature, are used to distribute the stress more evenly. In Fig. 10.18b, partial crown rollers and logarithmic rollers have been employed with impunity. Also, a proper lubricated cam surface is required to minimize follower wear. If grease is used, it must be tacky enough to cause the follower to roll instead of slide.
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Notice that its parameter, o, is of type T. This means that the actual type of o is determined by the type bound to T when a Gen object is created. Also, because both the parameter o and the instance variable ob are of type T, they will both be of the same actual type when a Gen object is created. The type parameter T can also be used to specify the return type of a method, as is the case with the GetOb( ) method, shown here:
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Main application window in RoboHelp HTML
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Arranging and Organizing Objects
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Design Principles: Where to Put the Intelligence
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return 0; }
Public Key Cryptography (RSA)
FIGURE 14-13
Test<MyClass> x = new Test<MyClass>();
11,800 f where 11,800 f wavelength of the frequency of interest (f) , mils the numerical value required to obtain a in mils while using an f in GHz frequency of the signal of interest, GHz
Virtual Circuits
A lights-out operation is any production IT environment, such as computers in a data center, that runs without on-site operator intervention. The term lights out means that the computers can be in a room with the lights out since no personnel are present to attend to them. Audit activities of a lights-out operation will primarily fall into the other categories of audits discussed in this chapter, plus a few specific activities, including: Remote administration procedures Remote monitoring procedures
hen ionic compounds dissolve in water, the ions in the crystal separate and move throughout the solution. When two such solutions are mixed, all types of positive ions in the new solution are attracted to all types of negative ions in the solution. Sometimes a reaction takes place. This reaction is called a double-replacement reaction. Double-replacement reactions are sometimes called ionic reactions. In this type of reaction, the ions of two compounds change places. Such a reaction is usually generically shown as AB CD 0 AD CB As the solutions are mixed, positive A and C ions exist in solution, as do negative B and D ions, and these oppositely charged ions attract each other. A reaction takes place if a compound forms that removes ions from solution. Products that remove ions from solution in a double-replacement reaction are a precipitate, a gas, or a slightly ionized material, such as water.
Stage IV: Distant spread
Another difference between bridges and switches is in how they switch frames. The switching method affects how a layer 2 device receives, processes, and forwards a frame. Bridges support only one switching method, store-and-forward, while switches might support one, two, or three different switching methods. The three switching methods that might be supported by layer 2 devices include the following:
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