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The Standard Template Library and the string Class
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Figure 2.12 The combined effect of attenuation, scattering, and chromatic dispersion on the flow of light pulses down a fiber.
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The Boson NetSim LE is a restricted version of the Boson NetSim. Boson NetSim is an interactive network simulator that will allow you to simulate a wide variety of tasks as if you were working on a real network. Once you have installed the NetSim LE, you may access it quickly through Start | Programs | Boson Software. The first time the simulator runs it requires registration. Enter your Boson account information along with the activation code found inside the CD-ROM sleeve. If you do not have a valid account, create one by visiting Once registration is complete, the software will load. To load any of the labs found in this book, select one of them from the Lab Navigator and click the Load Lab button.
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Modeling of concrete decks and piers is based on nite elements using computer methods. FEM is a powerful computational method. Like the nite differences method, de ections are calculated for elements of deck supported by grid beams or the wall of a pier by an indeterminate analysis for each position of the unit load. While the nite differences method uses line elements in two directions, the nite element method uses surface elements and therefore has a higher degree of accuracy. Using Energy Principle: Work Done (A) (C) (B) (D) (B) and (C) are moving unit load quantities at two points X and Y. A and D are the reciprocal de ections at Y and X. Finite Element Modeling: Stiffness matrix [k]
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Are You Moving Closer to or Further Away from Your True North
Let s look closely at this class declaration.
// Demonstrate Hashtable. using System; using System.Collections; class HashtableDemo { static void Main() { // Create a hash table. Hashtable ht = new Hashtable(); // Add elements to the table. ht.Add("house", "Dwelling"); ht.Add("car", "Means of transport"); ht.Add("book", "Collection of printed words"); ht.Add("apple", "Edible fruit"); // Can also add by using the indexer. ht["tractor"] = "Farm implement"; // Get a collection of the keys. ICollection c = ht.Keys; // Use the keys to obtain the values. foreach(string str in c) Console.WriteLine(str + ": " + ht[str]); } }
Proper resource usage Modules should be tested to make sure that they utilize resources such as memory correctly. Modules should properly request and relinquish resources so that malfunctions such as memory leaks do not occur. NOTE While it is tempting to gloss over debugging and unit testing, the effort usually pays big dividends by streamlining the integration effort and reducing the number of defects in system testing. Defects that could have been found during debugging usually take longer to find during system testing, because a defect must first be isolated to a specific section of code before it can be debugged and corrected. Source Code Management In any size development effort, whether the development team is one or 50 programmers, an organization should use a source code repository tool. Such a tool has several purposes: Protection A source code management tool often includes access controls so that only authorized personnel are permitted to access application source code. This helps to protect the organization s intellectual property, and to prevent other persons from learning the secrets of the application s inner workings, which could lead to fraud or misuse of the application later on. Control A source code management system utilizes check out and check in functions so that only one developer at a time may work on a specific part of the application. This helps to ensure the integrity of the application s source code. Version control A source code management system tracks each version of the code as it is checked in by developers. The system tracks the changes made from version to version, and can show the differences in code between versions, and also permit the reversion to an older version if application problems arise later on. Recordkeeping A source code management system maintains records related to check-out, check-in, and modifications to source code. This makes it possible for management to know what changes are being made to source code, and who is making those changes. NOTE Source code management is not an activity that is limited to the period when the application is first developed; on the contrary, source code management is a vital activity that must continue throughout the life span of the application.
If you purchase a generic external flash manufactured by a third party, make sure it s compatible with your digital camera. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your camera s circuitry.
Setting Ruler Options
19.06. The CD contains a multimedia demonstration of the show ip route command for RIP on a router.
This example has three routers, RouterA, RouterB, and RouterC, where these routers were just turned on. As you can see from the routers routing tables, the only routes these routers initially know about are their directly connected routes, which they learn by examining the status of their interfaces, making sure that they are up and up; they then take the network numbers of these interfaces (learned from the configured IP address and subnet mask) and put this information in their routing tables. Currently, each router contains two routes in its routing table. Also notice the metric: these routes have a hop count of 0, since they are directly connected. Now that their interfaces are active and the routers have an initial routing table, they ll send out their first routing broadcast on these interfaces (they don t wait for their periodic timer in this instance, since the interfaces just went active). This broadcast contains the entries that they have in their routing tables. Assume that all routers are synchronized when they advertise their routing broadcasts, even though this would be highly unlikely in a production environment. This list shows which routers are advertising which routes on their active interfaces:
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