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A formula may contain any combination of universe object variables, user-defined report variables, functions, operators, calculation contexts, and numeric and string constants. Formulas can vary in complexity from basic calculations formulas containing only universe object variables, basic operators and constants to very advanced formulas using complex combinations of if-then-else logic, Boolean logic, other user-defined variables, and built-in functions that Web Intelligence provides. Formulas can perform calculations on any type of data, including numeric, string, date, time, and Boolean. Table 22-2 provides some samples of each type of formula.
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For the values used in Example 10-1, R = 20, L = 4, = 50, the capacitance should be 99 F.
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The Rectangle class includes TwoDShape and adds the methods IsSquare( ), which determines if the rectangle is square, and Area( ), which computes the area of a rectangle.
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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Notice that T is specified as contravariant by preceding it with in. Also, notice that the parameter type of obj is T. Next, MyClass implements IMyContraVarGenIF, as shown here:
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1. Underwater inspection or instrumentation as a bridge management tool: Figure 3.20 shows visual monitoring followed by ood watch and follow-up monitoring of scour critical bridges. 2. Use of modern techniques: The use of wireless and remote sensors enables the movements of bridges to be monitored around the clock. This is most desirable in ood situations. Modern sensors, when installed on scour critical bridges, minimize the possibility of sudden collapse and serve as a warning for a bridge to be closed. Modern techniques are further discussed in 9 on scour. 3. Investigating unknown foundations: Figure 3.21 shows the need for geotechnical procedures in evaluating unknown foundations.
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How can molecules such as aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen be represented by models and drawn structures
CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
translates into this call to the operator[ ]( ) function:
Wireless Issues
Distinctive Features of the Book
Table 13-2 shows the differences between these VTP modes. A switch configured in either VTP server or transparent mode can add, modify, and delete VLANs. The main difference between these modes is that the configuration changes made Remember the differences to a transparent switch affect only that switch among the VTP modes in Table 13-2. and no other switch in the network. A VTP server switch, however, will make the change and then propagate a VTP message concerning the change on all of its trunk ports. If a server switch receives a VTP message, it will incorporate the update and forward the message out its remaining trunk ports. A transparent switch, on the other hand, ignores VTP messages it will accept them on trunk ports and forward them out its remaining trunk ports, but it will not incorporate the changes in the VTP message in its local VLAN configuration. In this sense, transparent switches are like little islands, where changes on a transparent switch affect no one else but the transparent switch itself, and changes on other switches do not affect transparent switches. A VTP client switch cannot make changes to its VLAN configuration itself it requires a server switch to tell it about the VLAN changes. When a client switch receives a VTP message from a server switch, it incorporates the changes and then floods the VTP message out its remaining trunk ports.
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14: Introducing LINQ
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