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Unicast polling Unicast polling is a mechanism by which an SS is granted (by the BS) bandwidth (meaning a TDMA slot) solely for the SS to make bandwidth requests. The rate of such unsolicited polling depends on the QoS requirement of the service associated with the SS. SS can use each instance of the periodically available bandwidth for any purpose that fits its need. It may use the bandwidth to send data traffic piggy-backed with requests for more bandwidth or it may send just its bandwidth requests to the BS. Unicast polling also serves the purpose that with each SS transmitting some data to the BS periodically, it allows the BS to monitor the quality of the physical channel. The frequency of unicast polling of an SS is determined by the type QoS requirement of the services being associated with the SS, as well as by the need to monitor the physical channel. Broadcast/multicast polling Instead of periodically granting all SSs dedicated bandwidth for the purpose of bandwidth requests (as done with unicast polling), it may be more efficient to give such bandwidth to a set of SSs and allow them to use this bandwidth on a contention basis. This may be desirable when the set of SSs are only serving best-effort traffic or the SSs are sitting idle. The broadcast/multicast polling mechanism allows a BS to do just that by making transmission opportunities (e.g., a transmission timeslot) available to all SSs (broadcast polling) or a group of SSs (multicast polling) on a periodic basis. If a node belonging to the group has a bandwidth need, it sends a request for bandwidth using the transmission opportunity. Once the BS receives the request, it subsequently makes bandwidth available to the requesting SS. The bandwidth request mechanism is contention based, and the MAC provides several mechanisms to minimize the impact of such contentions.
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2.22 Cable System Electronic Equipment
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Creating a Blu-ray Disc is a complex process. Blu-ray production demands special knowledge, skills and training in a number of disciplines including HD video production, interactive design, animation, programming and quality control. BD production is surprisingly more difficult than DVD-ROM or CD-ROM production. BD builds upon the earlier disc formats and has more capabilities and more flexibility, and thus more potential for things that can go wrong. Just as in the early days of DVD, tools are still being defined and refined. What is considered best practice is rapidly evolving. The workflow and the tools will improve and the process will become easier, but in the meantime do not assume that making a BD is the same as making a DVD.
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Data Types Supported
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Figure 5.8 Possible crack propagation at cover plate ends.
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Hyaline membrane disease Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) Intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) Infection (sepsis, pneumonia, meningitis) Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) Other adverse events include: thermal instability, fluid and electrolyte disturbances (hypocalcemia, hypokalemia), hypoglycemia, hyperbilirubinemia, patent ductus arteriosus, irregularities in pulmonary and cardiac function (apnea and bradycardia), poor feeding
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Setting showbase causes the base of numeric values to be shown. For example, if the conversion base is hexadecimal, the value 1F will be displayed as 0x1F. By default, when scientific notation is displayed, the e is in lowercase. Also, when a hexadecimal value is displayed, the x is in lowercase. When uppercase is set, these characters are displayed in uppercase. Setting showpos causes a leading plus sign to be displayed before positive values. Setting showpoint causes a decimal point and trailing zeros to be displayed for all floating-point output whether needed or not. By setting the scientific flag, floating-point numeric values are displayed using scientific notation. When fixed is set, floating-point values are displayed using normal notation. When neither flag is set, the compiler chooses an appropriate method. When unitbuf is set, the buffer is flushed after each insertion operation. When boolalpha is set, Booleans can be input or output using the keywords true and false. Since it is common to refer to the oct, dec, and hex fields, they can be collectively referred to as basefield. Similarly, the left, right, and internal fields can be referred to as adjustfield. Finally, the scientific and fixed fields can be referenced as floatfield. To set a flag, use the setf( ) function, whose most common form is shown here: fmtflags setf(fmtflags flags);
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To get people to RSVP, you need to inform them of the date; however, simply informing the employees in no way motivates them to act. An action objective focuses on the response you hope to elicit; a passive objective focuses on you or your goals. An action objective, for example, states, to con rm via E-mail, whereas a passive objective states, to understand my points. Every time you identify a passive objective (such as, to inform ), convert it into an action objective ( to RSVP, for instance). The easiest way to do this is to ask yourself the question, Why do I care In this example, posing the question to yourself would elicit an answer that leads directly to the desired action:
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POTS voice may be supported by a VPLS instance for each aggregation ring of U-PEs, with each MSAN appearing as a single MAC address in the VPLS and with the two N-PEs at the head-end acting as routers for the VPLS (using VRRP for router redundancy). MPLS PE devices are typically highly resilient and have fast restoration and advanced QoS support helping to ensure the voice service is as robust as the TDM voice service it replaces.
The output from the program is shown here:
Figure 7-6
The IList Interface
if(b == true) ...
Phase shift (degrees)
8 A P P L I C A T I O N S O F T H E I N T E G R A L
1. AC appliances cost much less because there are at least 1,000 times as many manufactured. 2. AC appliances last longer because they are designed to survive 20 years rather than a few seasons. 3. You can only get serious power (for toasters, microwaves, hair dryers) with AC.
The output is shown here:
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