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Another important C# feature is built upon the foundation of delegates: the event. An event is, essentially, an automatic notification that some action has occurred. Events work like this: An object that has an interest in an event registers an event handler for that event. When the event occurs, all registered handlers are called. Event handlers are represented by delegates. Events are members of a class and are declared using the event keyword. Its most commonly used form is shown here: event event-delegate event-name; Here, event-delegate is the name of the delegate used to support the event, and event-name is the name of the specific event object being declared. Let s begin with a very simple example:
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How C# Relates to the .NET Framework
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Part I:
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Florencia Greer Polite, MD
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C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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Through-the-lens (TTL) exposure metering, found on more expensive digital cameras, is highly accurate because it reads the same light coming through the lens that s going to be recorded by the camera s pixels. But even TTL metering doesn t always give you the exposure you want. Many TTL light meters give you a choice of exactly what light you measure, as shown in Figure 3-17. The usual choice the most useful for most shots is matrix metering. It measures the light from several different points from 30 to 200 and manipulates the light values to give you an average overall reading of all the light in a scene. Center-weighed average metering measures the entire picture but gives
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Exploring the C# Library
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Energy and Life
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ISO Equivalencies: Removable Memory Included:
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Lipid vesicle
The IS auditor should examine data entry standards and operations, including: Data entry procedures This may include document control, input procedures, and error recovery procedures. Input verification This may include automatic and manual controls used to ensure that data has been entered properly into forms. Batch verification This may include automatic and manual controls used to calculate and verify batches of records that are input. Correction procedures This may include controls and procedures used to correct individual forms and batches when errors occur.
Network and Host Boundaries
The IGDA has kindly allowed me to reprint the Curriculum Framework, but they re not responsible for the rest of this book, nor for the advice I m giving you. Here are two things to keep in mind as you use the Framework: It was originally designed for educators, not for students. I think the Framework will be extremely valuable to you, but they didn t actually intend for it to be used this way. If you find that it doesn t really help you, blame me, not the IGDA! The Framework is not perfect or finished. It is an ongoing work in progress, which will be revised and refined continually. The version I have printed is the most recent public draft (February, 2003). As new versions become available, you can find them on the IGDA s web site, at
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