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So who actually plays video games It s difficult to tell for sure, because interactive entertainment is such a big, sprawling business. Gamers vary from little kids playing with battery-powered handhelds in the back seat of the car to grandmothers playing bridge over the Internet in the retirement home. Unlike the movies, where you can watch who goes in and out of the cinema, it s not easy to tell who s playing games, especially online games. You can categorize the players of video games any number of ways, but I m going to pick just three, and compare how they affect our understanding of the market. I ll look at children and adults, males and females, and hardcore and casual gamers. Each of these distinctions is the basis of a stereotype about gamers, and like most stereotypes they re either outdated or were never really true in the first place.
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x += 10;
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As we go about our daily lives, we often need to verify our identities or someone else s identity, or otherwise determine who someone is. Reliable identification makes life go more smoothly. For example, it improves public safety by helping to distinguish benign members of the general public from recognized criminals and other threats. Reliable identification also makes financial and business dealings safer and more efficient, if only by making the participants more accountable for their actions. When we automate the authentication process, we broaden the range of valuable tasks that computers and other devices can perform for us. These automated authentication processes can bring greater security, efficiency, and convenience to our lives. Automated authentication makes it possible to tailor the way that a device responds to different people and to ensure that it confidently responds to people in a correct manner. In practice, this involves two separate actions: an authentication mechanism verifies the identity, and a separate authorization mechanism ties the appropriate actions to a person s identity. The distinction between these two actions is particularly important when changing how the system should react to a particular person. For example, if an employee named Bob resigns from his company, the company computers should cease granting him access to company resources. Strictly speaking, there s no problem if the computers continue
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Restricting VTY Access to the Router
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printf("Enter a string: "); gets(s); print_upper(s); printf("\ns is unchanged: %s", s); return 0; } void print_upper(char *str) { register int t; for(t=0; str[t]; ++t) putchar(toupper(str[t])); }
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forces by positioning itself between the phospholipid molecules. It also disrupts the orderly arrangement of the phospholipids in the gel phase, increasing entropy. Both of these effects lower melting temperature and favor the fluid phase of the bilayer. However, in the fluid phase, the flat surface of cholesterol s interconnected rings (see Fig. 7-13) is significantly wider than the two chains of a single phospholipid molecule. And the interconnected rings are rigid. So each cholesterol molecule acts as an unbending barrier that limits some of the motion of the phospholipids. So, while the cholesterol prevents the formation attractive dispersion forces, the steric restriction of phospholipid movement decreases membrane fluidity and increases membrane rigidity. Many organisms are able to regulate membrane fluidity and rigidity by regulating the amount of cholesterol incorporated into their membranes. Organisms that live primarily in cold environments are typically found to have less cholesterol in their membranes. This prevents the organism from freezing to death. The cholesterol molecule is almost entirely hydrophobic. Only the hydroxyl group at one end of the cholesterol molecule is hydrophilic. The hydroxyl group hydrogen bonds itself to the base of the phosphate head groups of the bilayer. Since the hydroxyl group is smaller than the phosphate head groups, the cholesterol is entirely submerged in the bilayer. The vast majority of the cholesterol molecule is comfortably inside the hydrophobic portion of the bilayer.
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Figure 22-2: TDMA for PCS The wireless industry began to deploy the use of TDMA back in the early 1990s when the scare radio frequency spectrum problem became most noticeable. The intent was to improve the quality of the radio transmission as well as the efficiency usage of the limited spectrum available. TDMA correctly can increase the number of users on the RF by three-fold. However, as more enhanced PCS techniques such as micro and picocells are used, the numbers can grow to as much as a forty-fold increase in the number of users on the same RF spectrum. One can see why it is so popular. TDMA has another advantage over the older analog (FDMA) techniques. Analog transmission across the 800 MHz frequency band (in North America it is 800 MHz, in
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The default idle timeout for SSH sessions is 5 minutes. To alter this value, use the ssh
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Figures 16-10 and 16-11 show the application and denial of Group Policies by group. The steps to apply or remove a Group Policy are as follows: 1. Select the Group Policy Object and in the right pane select the Delegation tab. 2. Toward the bottom-right select the Advanced button. 3. You should now be viewing the Security tab. 4. Add and remove the appropriate users and groups (deny the Apply Group Policy attribute to any user or group to which the Group Policies should not apply), as shown in Figure 16-11.
In addition to the simple types, C# defines three other categories of value types. These are enumerations, structures, and nullable types, all of which are described later in this book.
Inserting Internet Objects
The prototype for _dos_getdiskfree( ) is in <dos.h>. This function is not defined by the ANSI/ISO C/C++ standard. This function is obsolete and not recommended for future code. The _dos_getdiskfree( ) function returns the amount of free disk space in the structure pointed to by dfptr for the drive specified by drive. The drives are numbered from 1 beginning with A. You can specify the default drive by giving drive the value 0. The diskfree_t structure is defined like this:
1023 . 5
3 1 2
Return a Value
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