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The Citrix client for Windows CE and Windows Embedded XP supports all of the functions of the standard 32/64-bit ICA client for Windows, as does the client for Linux on thin clients. Here s a list of the differences between running the client on a PC versus a thin client: Client software updates Although most terminals now provide management software that will automate upgrades to the embedded software, these upgrades remain challenging given the newness of firmware management software applications. Upgrades are typically done via an automatic or scheduled download. Some terminals support the Citrix Auto Update feature, which can be a significant timesaver when a new version of the Citrix client needs to be deployed. At the very least, look for a terminal with management software that supports a centralized method for downloading software (either operating system images or applications) and rebooting the terminal without user intervention. Local browsing Embedded browsers are limited with regard to storing local data and using plug-ins. They offer a limited bookmark list and, of course, do not allow plug-ins or other downloads. Java Standalone Java applications (those that do not require a browser to run) require a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to be installed on the thin client firmware. The JVM must be the correct version, and the Java application must also be loaded into firmware in order to execute. Auto-login Auto-login can be used when you want to present a limited number of choices to the user when logging in. When auto-login is enabled, the user is limited to one terminal session either a desktop or a specific, published application. If you want the user to have access to multiple published applications at login, auto-login should be disabled. Configuration security lockout Whatever configuration settings the terminal offers, it is important the users are prevented from changing them once they are established. If the configuration cannot be protected, you run the risk of configuration-related support calls driving up the TCO.
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sslsdkUI.dll statuiUI.dll tdcommUI.dll tdnetbUI.dll tdwsipUI.dll tdwsspUI.dll vdcmnUI.dll vdzlcnUI.dll wfcmovUI.dll wfcrunUI.dll wfica3UI.dll wficaUI.dll
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public virtual void CopyTo(Array ar, int startIdx)
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#include <dos.h> #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { struct diskfree_t p; _dos_getdiskfree(3, &p); /* drive C */ printf("Number of free clusters is %d.", p.avail_clusters); return 0; } THE C++ BUILDER FUNCTION LIBRARY
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The following Self Test questions will help you measure your understanding of the material presented in this chapter. Read all the choices carefully, as there may be more than one correct answer. Choose all correct answers for each question.
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external interface. Suppressing RA messages on the appliance is done on an interface-byinterface basis by using the following configuration:
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Used to Indicate: Network (transmission media) congestion Device congestion Ring resets; station insertion or removal Ring resets; station insertion or removal Marginal timing, electrical noise (on TP/PMD copper rings)
is fairly small, employing a handful of staff. In 1997, as part of its move into the information age, credit union management decided to add an automated kiosk known as Money Buddy the virtual teller that enables 24/7 electronic customer service. Money Buddy, installed in July 1998, serves two locations where it offers features such as allowing customers to print account statements, transfer funds between accounts, apply for loans, make loan payments, and process withdrawals. Money Buddy requires account numbers and a fingerprint for customer access; customers do not need a card or PIN. Credit union customers include many military and government families given the large number of military installations in the area. Perhaps because of the clientele s experience with on-base security measures, most have come to see the Money Buddy s fingerprint system as more protective than invasive. The credit union educated its customers about how the biometric process works. For example, the credit union s promotional materials made it clear that, Unlike the F.B.I., Money Buddy s finger image scanning system does not keep a picture of your finger print. In addition, the stored information cannot be used to recreate your print in any fashion, since the Money Buddy scanner converts the finger image into a 1024 character numeric code. That number and only that number is stored in a local database along with your account number. Each time you access Money Buddy and your account, the new scan is converted into a number and compared to the stored number. The credit union deletes an account holder s fingerprint template when they close the account. The system has encountered few operational problems. Of over 500 customers currently enrolled, only about 10 are so-called failures-to-enroll, meaning they are unable to use the system because the scanner cannot capture their fingerprint data well enough. These ten customers use the work-around a PIN with no card required. Smaller problems include climatic and occupational factors that alter individuals fingerprints. Specifically, skin dryness that accompanies health care workers frequent hand washings can lead to fingerprint distortions. These dryness problems can be resolved by adding a bit of oil to the finger by rubbing it behind the ear. A carpenter who is a credit union member has worn his fingerprints almost completely smooth by virtue of his work; he uses a PIN as a work-around. Experts explain that credit union clients benefit from biometrics because the credit unions can automate more banking services at member locations, such as at employee work sites. Also, the use of biometrics, because it provides greater security, can provide additional benefits to members. For example, a credit union can offer higher withdrawal limits for special transactions, such as members needing down payment funds toward the purchase of a new car.
In the program, IsEven( ) is called three times, and each time, a different value is passed. Let s look at this process closely. First, notice how IsEven( ) is called. The argument is specified between the parentheses. When IsEven( ) is called the first time, it is passed the value 10. Thus, when IsEven( ) begins executing, the parameter x receives the value 10. In the second call, 9 is the argument and x then has the value 9. In the third call, the argument is 8, which is the value
The Samples tab contains customized, prebuilt components. These sample components can be added into the Component Palette as another tab. C++ Builder includes the source code for these samples on the C++ Builder CD. The sample control components are shown in Figure 29-10.
being studied. This magnetic field alters and limits some of the energy
multiplied, while the output tank is tuned to an exact integer multiple of this frequency. Thus, the output tank of the active multiplier will not only send the selected harmonic on to the following stage, but will also attenuate the fundamental and the subharmonics created by the multiplication process. The push-push doubler of Fig. 8.2 is another class of active frequency multiplier, and employs two active devices and two transformers. Since one JFET is receiving a 180 degree out-of-phase signal, while the other JFET is receiving an in-phase signal and their outputs are tied together in parallel twice as many output pulses will occur. These pulses are sent into the output tank circuit, which is tuned to the desired harmonic (2 fr). Active frequency doubling of the original input signal has thus taken place. Passive methods of multiplying frequencies are prevalent as well. The tripler varactor frequency multiplier of Fig. 8.3 is one such circuit: As the frequency to be multiplied is coupled into the input tank through the transformer, which is tuned to this 1 fr frequency, the varactor will be continuously switched on and off. This action severely distorts the 1 fr frequency, creating harmonics of n fr. In this case we have a tripler, so the undesired second harmonic is shunted to ground through the series bandtrap filter, while the desired third harmonic is sent on to the 3 fr tuned tank circuit, and is output through the transformer s secondary. R functions as a bias resistor for more efficient multiplication, obtaining its DC bias voltage from the rectification that occurs through the diode. There are two different types of diode multipliers that can be constructed: reactive and resistive. Reactive multipliers consist of either a varactor diode or
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