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In the pilot program, we recommended leaving local applications in place and moving, or removing, icons. In a production environment, we recommend eliminating applications from local PCs altogether in order to ensure that users operate only in the intended application delivery environment. There are many methods for uninstalling applications. Microsoft SMS has this capability, or you can roll your own, using scripting tools such as WSH and ADSI, as mentioned in 13.
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This program creates a safe array of ten integers. To put a value into the array, use the put( ) function. To retrieve a value, call get( ). For both functions, the index of the desired element is specified as an argument. As the program shows, both get( ) and put( ) prevent an array overrun. Notice that put( ) returns a reference to the specified element and is thus used on the left side of an assignment statement. While the approach to implementing a bounded array shown in this example is correct, an even better implementation is possible. As you will see when you learn about operator overloading later in this book, it is possible to create your own custom, bounded arrays that also use standard array notation.
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Endoplasmic Reticulum
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CHAPTER 8 Applications of the Integral
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5. Drag a guideline to the bottom of the hyphen. Choose Window | Dockers | Object
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Polyline Tool
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Use the CTRL-SHIFT-6, X control sequence to suspend a telnet session. Pressing ENTER on a blank command line resumes the last suspended telnet session. Use the resume command to
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
Embedding Objects into Text
11.10.6 Examples of Successful ABC Applications
Multipoint-to-Multipoint EVC
3.19.3 Physical Causes
The word deliberated means carefully considered.
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