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The subjunctive is used after verbs and expressions of doubt, denial, disbelief, and probability. The indicative (simple and compound tenses) is used after verbs and expressions of certainty. When certain verbs and expressions are used in the negative or the interrogative, they imply uncertainty or doubt and the subjunctive is required. When doubt is negated, certainty or probability exists and the indicative is used.
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Disadvantages of Intelligence in User Reports
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User IDs and passwords are the most common means for users to authenticate themselves to a resource, whether it is a network, server, or application. User IDs In most environments, a user s user ID will not be a secret; in fact, user IDs may be a derivation of the user s name or their identification number. Some of the common forms of a user s user ID are: First initial and last name For example, the user ID for John Toman would be jtoman. Some systems may have a limitation on the permitted length of a user ID for instance, eight characters. If two users user IDs would be the same (John Brown and James Brown, for example), the IT department could assign jobrown and jabrown, or jbrown and jbrown2. First and middle initials and last name Similar to first initial and last name, but with fewer chances for collisions (two persons who would have the same user ID). User Howard W. Chang would have a user ID hwchang. First and last name together Systems that permit longer user IDs with special characters such as . can adopt the common first.last form. User Rajendra Patel would have the user ID rajendra.patel. Employee ID number Some organizations assign unique identifying numbers to its employees, and these can be used as user IDs if those numbers are not kept secret. One advantage of using an ID number is that the user s name becomes a characteristic of the user ID and not the user ID itself; in many cultures, a woman s name changes when she marries, but in an organization that uses ID numbers, the user ID need not change (or reflect a name she no longer has). NOTE Confidential numbers such as social insurance (Social Security in the United States) or driver s license numbers should not be used as user IDs, as these identifying numbers are generally meant to be kept confidential. Passwords Whereas a user ID is not necessarily kept confidential, a password always is kept confidential. A password, also known as a pass phrase, is a secret combination of letters, numbers, and other symbols that is known only to the user who uses it. End users are typically advised the following about passwords:
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This appendix is slightly different from the rest of this book. Where the core chapters convey information for the CISA candidate, here the focus shifts to the professional world of the information systems auditor, addressing the nature of different professional engagements common to information systems auditors. In addition, it reviews the stages and responsibilities of performing a risk-based information systems audit for both internal and external auditors. It also serves to introduce and frame examples of professional situations that may challenge an auditor. This appendix reviews the process of performing an information systems audit, and in doing so, identifies how sections of the study materials in this book can be applied. This appendix brings the subject of conducting an IS audit up a level. I provide associations between concepts found in the main chapters in this book so the reader has an example of wielding a number of these concepts. This should help solidify learned material and assist in recalling information while sitting for the test. In addition, this appendix can be employed as a guide (or adapted to create a checklist) for the reader who is executing or participating in an information systems audit. The material here is based on methods used in professional environments that have succeeded in achieving high client satisfaction ratings and delivering quality audits. As a metaphor, the study material in the main chapters in this book may teach the reader about how an automobile works and its relationship with the road, while this appendix teaches the reader about driving.
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Picture of the A C-150 (Cour tesy of A C Propulsion).
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Solutions to Exercises
union { struct dt date_time; unsigned u; } d; unsigned t; int fd; if(_dos_open("TEST.TST", O_RDWR, &fd)) { printf("Cannot open file.\n"); exit(1); } _dos_getftime(fd, &d.u, &t); d.date_time.year = 22; _dos_setftime(fd, d.u, t); return 0; }
Functions, Part One: The Fundamentals
Starting an electric vehicle conversion is a little bit of a science. There s no need to use the clutch on startup because the motor s not turning when your foot is off the pedal. On the other hand, there is a very definite need to have it in gear because you always want to start your series DC motor with a load on it so it doesn t run away to high RPM and hurt itself. If you forget and accidentally leave the clutch in (or the transmission in neutral), back off immediately when you hear the electric motor winding up. The best analysis I have heard is that if your electric vehicle conversion is a lighter package (not a performance-based controller and heavy-duty motor) you can start the car in second gear without a problem since the torque of an electric motor will push the RPM (such as the Ford Ranger discussed in 10). Whereas the higher performance vehicles (such as the Porsche discussed in 10) can easily be started in fourth gear since the vehicles motor, controller, and batteries will have the necessary voltage requirements to accelerate from 0 to 60 in 4 to 6 seconds.
If You re Going to Compromise, Compromise Up!
Now we can use KVL to nd the voltage across the 2 and 3 F capacitors. We have 50 + 19.4 + V2 = 0 V2 = 30.6 V
TABLE 24-1 Comparison of Desktop Intelligence and Web Intelligence
S12, Audit Materiality
contain only letters, numbers, and underscores. The Visual Basic programming language allows no spaces. Click on the icon in the Save Macro In field that represents the project or file in which you want the macro saved. In these steps you ll save locally in the current document; click the VBAProject (Confetti macro.cdr) icon. Write any notes about the purpose of the macro, the date, the version number of the macro, or any other useful information about the macro in the Description section. Click OK and you re now recording.
Obtaining Information About Methods
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<uri> The user agent should use the sound resource defined by that URI as the audio cue. If the URI points to something other than an audio file, then it is to be ignored and the user agent should act as though cue-before had been set to none. none Setting cue-before to none means that no cue should be played. cue-before can be used to play a "new section" sound before each heading, Note produce a "mouse-click" sound to mark the beginning of a hyperlink, or other audible cues. Note that this cue is rendered before any pauses declared using pause-before.
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