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The output from the program is shown here:
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The problem with this statement is that the object on the left of the + operator is an integer, a built-in type for which no operation involving an integer and an object of Ob s type is defined. The solution to the preceding problem is to overload the + using two friend functions. In this case, the operator function is explicitly passed both arguments, and it is invoked like any other overloaded function, based upon the types of its arguments. One version of the + operator function handles object + integer, and the other handles integer + object. Overloading the + (or any other binary operator) using friend functions allows a built-in type to occur on the left or right side of the operator. The following sample program shows you how to accomplish this:
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Creating Aggregate Fact Tables
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If the user clicks the Yes button, the program is stopped by calling Application.Exit( ), which causes the immediate termination of the program. Otherwise, no action is taken, and the program continues running. Sample output is shown in Figure 26-3.
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The Relational Data Model 65
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Table A-1. IMA Error Codes (Continued )
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Set the first derivative equal to zero and obtain
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void f(void) { int t; scanf("%d", &t); if(t==1) { char s[80]; /* s exists only inside this block */ printf("enter name:"); gets(s); process(s); } /* s is not known here */ }
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The trade-off between total measurement time and noise performance can be greatly improved by use of a correlation OTDR (Figure 28.10). Using the terminology of linear, time-invariant systems, the output of an OTDR receiver is the
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Digital PhotographyGetting to Know Your PC QuickSteps Stepping into Digital Photography PC QuickSteps
In this output, the internal host (in) accessed an external web server (out) at An example of the output of the show conn detail command is shown here:
(b) LR split across PRs
Trouble shoot with mobile in test mode
Block Statements
ch = '\'';
puts the address of person into the pointer p. The members of a structure can be accessed through a pointer to the structure. However, you do not use the dot operator for this purpose. Instead, you must use the > operator. For example, this fragment accesses balance through p:
CHAPTER 6 Transcendental Functions
Extract All Objects From Rollover This is a destructive edit! Think about this command twice before you undo all your rollover work. Depending on the replacement objects you ve built into a rollover, use this button to view and edit everything CorelDRAW has hidden while the document was a rollover. The objects will be stacked on top of each other, so you will have to change the stack order or drag them apart to see them.
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